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Iqbal Saidon
I cant keep telling myself... What I want to hear...
I cant keep telling myself... What I want to hear...

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time to Branch out... hope i can develop myself and merge back with the Master in the future. #berkias

facebook down? :3

when designing the user interface / ux, remember that this project is for your client so follow what they want because beauty is in the eye of the beholder... only comment if there are flaws in the design :)

code with the mentality that your client for sure will change the requirement or else you're gonna have a bad time.

i hereby declare, that today is no work day!

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tempat kije semua staff pompuan.. pemakaian aku pon kene komen.. :(

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Me, when apps that i developed stop working and only had to update one line of code since it was developed with modular design. :)
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Rich Communication Services...
Berita Nasional TV1,11062013

harap projek nih jalan and VisualNet tak dijadikan kambing hitam... Bismillah...

Post has attachment never send a programmer to do a designer's job... 

im the programmer
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