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You all know that you only need 23 people in a room for there to be a greater than one-half probability that two of them share a birthday.

But how many people do you need for there to be a greater than one-half probability that every single day of the year is the birthday of someone in the room? Exact answers please, no simulations!

(Assume of course that there are exactly 365 days in a year.)

The microwave dilemma

Imagine that you have just put some food into your microwave and set it to heat for one minute. After fifty seconds you walk up to the microwave and glance inside; it looks like your food is ready. Do you:

1. Turn off the microwave immediately and retrieve your food, thus proving that you are incredibly impatient and are incapable of chilling out and waiting for even ten measly seconds; or

2. Wait for the timer to finish, thus proving that you are so at the mercy of external rules that you are willing to stand around for no reason even though your food is perfectly hot just because the timer claims it has ten seconds left to run?

This is the microwave dilemma.

My list of canonical "I know there's an h in there somewhere" misspellings, in alphabetical order: bahn mi, Ghandi, Kaaaaaahn!, Stendahl, woah. You'd think Bhuddism would be in here, but for some reason I rarely see it.

I watched most of yesterday's World Series of Poker final table broadcast on ESPN2 with varying amounts of attention and was pleasantly surprised. Showing the hole cards at the end of each hand is so much better than the usual practice of showing them during the hand that I can't believe that everyone doesn't do it. For one thing, it gives the commentators something to do other than say "He's a 29% dog" or crack jokes. The commentary was pretty good, e.g., minimal Norman Chad (I couldn't remember his name just now and found it by googling "annoying poker commentator"). Antonio Esfandiari was quite good and even Phil Hellmuth's spots were acceptable. It was more compelling than I would have predicted; the fact that every hand started with the possibility of someone busting out probably helped.

There are now three players left and they finish it off starting at 9PM Eastern on Tuesday.

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Man, this visualization bothers me.

We're clearly seeing how often various kinds of pitches are thrown compared to each other, but what visual element is proportional to the number of pitches of that type?

Is it the radius of the circle? Lots of graph-makers make that mistake, and this guy has already made it multiple times with other graphs (maybe I'll bring them up later).

Is it the area of the circle (proportional to the radius squared)? That's usually what these things should mean, although I generally dislike denoting values with circle sizes because they're harder to compare visually (it's trivial to see that a bar is exactly twice the size of another one, but it's hard to see that a circle is exactly twice the size of another one), plus I never know whether to trust that the designer wants me to measure in 2D vs 1D.

But wait, that's not all! The circles are shaded to look like spheres! So maybe I should be comparing based on the radius cubed!

The sad thing is that I know that this designer is a big Tufte fan.

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I like a lot of modern music but it is hard for me to imagine that Brian Ferneyhough is doing anything but having a colossal joke at the expense of contemporary-music pianists here.

What object have you owned for the longest time? What object have you owned for the longest time that you still use (as opposed to being a keepsake)?

For me the answers to both questions is the same: a magnetic chess set I've had since I was 5 or so. I'm not sure I could point to anything else from before age 10, even books (I've repurchased a few).

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Hey everybody (sorry, I haven't been maintaining my Boston-only circle), we (Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealer Incentives) are playing again this FRIDAY at the lovely (okay, not really) CANTAB in CAMBRIDGE with a bunch of other great bands from HARMONIX.

9pm: Parachuter
10pm: Honest Bob
11pm: Father Octopus
12am: Giant Target

Downstairs at the Cantab
738 Mass Ave
21+, $5

I will see YOU there.

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Since it is possible that at least one person could be impressed by my amazing Carcassonne skills:
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