Help check a site for 30 minutes?

In about 45 minutes (9:50 Paris time), I'm going to remove the 503 on (site is in French) so the client can show it to someone he's having a meeting with regarding his product. We both know there are undoubtedly some problems to iron out yet with the presentation, responsiveness, and whatnot.

I would appreciate anyone who's got some minutes in that window, and notably if you have the latest couple of versions of IE and Android phones (I'm only working with Apple stuff and don't do much "web design" these days so no big test suite installed anymore), to give a quick browse around make notes of what you see being pretty bad. Screenshots would be best to help me see where the problem is, as well the OS and browser type/version.

After the 30 minutes or so (when the client's meeting is over), the 503 goes back up so we can check store buttons and such.

I really relied on default Hive theme for this, only changed as little as needed. So it may just be the parts I changed that are broken. ;) I've already got a few things noted, and will address them, but any and all else for comparison is appreciated.
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