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Random photos made into movie posters. I love thus. Fun stuff.

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This is great. HRC's got experienced digital help — no doubt well paid — dogged by top-down approval and sign-off delays. Meanwhile Bernie's got a legion of volunteer developers working unhindered and independent, producing all kinds of campaign resources, saving the campaign tens of thousands.


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Do the right thing.

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I think VW going bankrupt, period, would be a better end. One less big car manufacturer making personal polluting machines that take up precious space in our urban environments.
This is a Good Idea
Yesterday I re-tweeted this image put out by Greenpeace. Clever and eye catching image for the 21st century. One glance, read the text, message received. I wish I could think of things like this. I tend to drone on in writing or video and barely get any point across.
That said, it's a very good idea and what we desperately need now is a radical departure from one of our big car makers and indeed one of our big energy companies.
Not making a noise and sending PR spin about it, an actual change of direction, from the ground up.
If VW said they would stop making internal combustion engine cars by 2020, (as Toyota have stated) and produced a line of cheaper, well made electric cars with ever increasing range, also investing in charging and local generating infrastructure it would be a massive come-back for the company.
Pie in the sky maybe, but I have a suspicion that there are many folks at VW thinking along these lines.
As usual some of the responses to the re-tweet were a little predictable, 'what about the pollution caused by making the batteries and generating the electricity.'
And 'all these cars would mean we'd have to burn more coal to generate the electricity.'
(No we wouldn't, current generating capacity and grid could charge 2 million + cars overnight which would actually help level out demand on the grid and reduce running costs. It's the absolute opposite of that anxiety)
I'm now more surprised that I was 5 years ago by such comments. The mountains of evidence that shows otherwise is entirely ignored.
The ignorance of the colossal reduction in detrimental global impact of electric cars has been successfully denied by endless spurious 'reports' pumped out by the fossil industry.
This has then been lapped up by a mostly ignorant cut and paste press who have no time or resources to investigate the possible truth.
This is then ingested by a mostly ignorant (of this topic, I don't mean thick) readership who fall back on the pat excuses to do nothing.
We need to do something about the way we generate and use energy, we need to stop burning fossils.
I don't for one moment suggest we need to stop exploiting fossils, they are very useful, but we really should try and stop burning the damn stuff.
Come on VW, do the right thing.

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Very cool. Syllables layering with foot pedals. Complex layering at that. Watch to the end.
Listening to this song by Mike Love is a bit disorienting. It sounds like a random mix of sounds and syllables, when suddenly, about three minutes into it something amazing happens. 

Watch and listen on Colossal:

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Exactly the toy box I need to make for my kids., increased in size and with a few rounded edges.
It's time to get organized with this simple and neat Japanese toolbox.

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Holy crap! The article seems pretty tame, but the video paints a radically different picture.

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Invade and conquer. Rinse and repeat. Same routine, new age. Then the climate kills everybody. The end.
Interesting take on things.

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The Obi Worldphone, on Android, by former Apple head, John Scully.
Specs look nice.
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