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This is still a thing...
It's been over a year since I weakly reposted my 500px submissions over here.   It's been even longer since I actually wrote words to go with those pictures (other than 'Look at these pictures").   This is still a thing, and I have one or more other things ...

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Happy New Year 2015
Happy new year, here are two pictures I haven't shared before.     wet/dry by Instant Kamera on 500px     wet/dry by Instant Kamera on 500px

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First month with the Ricoh GR
Recently, I posted about my new camera.  Well, it's been almost exactly one month since I got it (scratch that, this post has been sitting in the "draft" folder for a while), and I thought I'd share some images. Unfortunately, I really haven't had a tonne o...

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New camera, new blog post.

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So right on so many points regarding the reality of art/photography, the quality and consumption thereof, and the role of "social media". Lots of butt-hurt comments from folks who are either in denial, or are part of an ironic circle-jerk that is simply a perpetuation of everything he is condemning in the first place. 

Either way, I like the cut of this guy's jib.

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Another year older (pics and "Private in Public" sneak-peek)
Well, I just celebrated my birthday. It seems as though, as I get older, the years tick off a lot faster than they did when I was half my age. I know - not exactly a revolutionary observation, but it's one worth mentioning in light of another (counter-intui...

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