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Great Day, Ramon Gets Baptized
Hola Family and friends! How were your weeks? What new things happened? Well, This week was a very busy one to say the least. We felt like we were running a marathon the whole week. And, we have not had water here since Monday. All of Tula and the surroundi...

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Sore Throat Again
Hola hola! This week was an adventure. Where to begin, I do not even know. I woke up with another sore throat on Wednesday. We called the Dr. and she could not come until 6 in the afternoon, so I kept trying to endure until she could come look at my throat....

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Feeling Better
Hello! Sorry that I am late writing today. We went to D.F. (Federal District in English) This week was fast and long and hard. On Tuesday Hermano Eliseo told us that he did not want to continue listening to us nor be baptized because Miguel Angel baptized h...

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Grounded Three Days Battling Infection
Hola family and friends, This week was a kind of a boring week. I left a lot of information out last week. I ended up with a pretty nasty and strong infection in my throat the past Sunday. Because everything was closed here and the infection was transformin...

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Hermana Isaura Got Baptized
Hola, Hola. How are you? What is new? This post will not be very long because we had to go to a kinda sucky internet place today.. :( Hermana Isaura was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. She is so special. I have already been invited to come bac...

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Juanita Gets Married and Baptized
Hola Hola! Cómo está? pues, This week was a busy one. Juanita and Ramon got married on Thursday at the presidencia which is like the court house for you guys. Then on Friday, she had her interview and was baptized  Saturday morning  and confirmed yesterday....

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Juanita and Ramon Getting Married
Hola hola!! Como está?  Pues, this week we got everything as far as paperwork done for Juanita´s and Ramon´s wedding. Here, it is a longggg process! You have to go get a bunch of tests done and It is a lot of paperwork. Well on Wednesday, we took them to Tu...

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I'm the Senior Comp now
hola hola! como está? bien bien? This week was a crazy one! On Tuesday, we had transfers. We had to go to Cuautitlan Izcalli to drop off Hna. Gonzalez and to pick up the other Hna. Gonzalez. It was an adventure. I was slightly nervous for the return, becaus...

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Mari Gets Baptized
Hello!! How are you all? How was the week? Sorry about last week. It was just a bad week all in all. But, this week was much better. Maricela was baptized yesterday! It was quite the experience. But, I was happy to be part of it. She can not walk very well,...

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Great Week
Hello my dears! How are you? How is life as a normal person? What is new in Sunny St. Geezy? Gah, how I miss that place. Yet there is so much that I love here. This is the week!! Ahh! Are you nervous June? I am SO sad I can not be there, but I will be there...
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