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Deb Lecos
Writer, ponderer, active practice.
Writer, ponderer, active practice.

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Healing Squared
    Photo owned by Author      In 2016, at fifty-five I went on hiatus from work that I love. As a facilitator for healing, I am fortunate to be doing for others, what I am also doing for myself.      Healing squared.      Clients hear me say repetitively, ...

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The Bandanna Shaman
Photo Owned by Author   **This healing story is from six years ago.        There should be a rule about healing (says the girl who doesn’t follow any rules).            Deb’s Rule: Someone must tell someone who is choosing (yeah even the half-assed version ...

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Photo owned by author     A week ago a medium shared a vision that I have an arrow impaling my heart. When she told me about it I visualized it as one of those that if it were pulled out in the opposite direction as it went in, it would shred my tissue on t...

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Woo-Doo and a Wedge of Lime
      Photo owned by author      Beliefs are not hard-wired. They seem like they are because by the time anyone notices something has been made "true" it's already been tattooed in black ink. But once upon an unlined time, our skin was blemish and idea-free...

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The Itty-Bitty Questioner
  When I was “told,” by the Voice to “ get a massage ” I played with the idea that the owner of the directive, that same voice I remembered from when I nearly  drowned at fourteen , was God. But in actuality, I had no idea if there was a Chief of Everything...

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Belly Lessons
     When Bonni dies there is a spontaneous
unraveling of a thickened and scarred over encasement of my heart. The exposure
of my emotions feels icy sharp, and
overwhelming. Grief from her loss is incomprehensibly what I expect and surprising.
I had assumed...

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           Having lived for upwards of four decades, I should stop myself before obnoxious and declarative intentions. It isn’t news that when I muck with the status quo, my tectonic plates shift until what once was never looks the same again. As I quake in...

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The Awareness Tree
     The Voice that saves my life at fourteen when I am drowning is not a one hit wonder. The ageless intonation continues to arrive during situations that are similarly life-threatening, as well as mundane and unlikely.      An event with the characterizat...

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The Voice
     Growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s, I was consumed with a rabid desire to surf so that I could meet Moondoggie. This was the dark haired moonlight surfer and love interest of a teenage girl named Gidget in a series of books and movies set along the Cali...

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When bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki they stopped a war and killed over 200,000 civilians, leaving behind a decimated landscape, with fallout still observed generations later. This could also be representative of trauma and survival.
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