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Kustom Live Wallpaper Redesign

Device Frame Credit - +Liam Spradlin , +Google 
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+Eric Rösch He already knows I talked to him.
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I found it in my pictures folder. But my computer is so slow it could neither load the folder properly or search for it

Well I deleted all the wallpapers I was working on for Inkstain. I'm mad. Really pissed off.
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And that file had all the wallpapers I have ever made.
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It's so annoying that animations on Android are never fluid. There is always some flickering or random shifting.
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you know what else is annoying? seagulls...
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The amount of creativity that goes into a logo design is remarkable
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I find it amazing how because Apple is removing the headphone jack every fanboy try to find the most stupid excuse for removing it. Seriously. Now when another company "innovates" for example Oppo every idiot complains endlessly. Seriously. Looking up reviews on the Oppo R5 you'll find people complaining that the headphone jack isn't there. I'll fucking bet that nobody will bicker about the headphone jack in the next iPhone once it's released. I mean fucking seriously, why the fuck is Apple the only company that gets the attention with benefit whenever they do something? Jesus Christ, what about USB type C where the hell are those headphones? Is the iPhone not having a headphone adapter the only thing that would motivate companies to switch methods of audio input? And with awful standby time on Android phones like hell I'll be able to listen to music without charging it at the same time. Doze is shit, it only works when it's on a table even so it still doesn't do the same as my iDevices that can have battery for weeks. Even on Marshmallow my phone still loses like 10% of battery over a night if not more.

Also I'm hoping that the ridiculous battery life of the Samsung S7 will be true. Because having almost 6 x the onscreen battery time is incredibly impressive. ( New chip and optimization in touchwiz)
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Truth. Sad Truth.
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The quality of this video is amazing. Deprecated logo and says Google + over Google photos. 
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+Patrick J
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Looking forward ;) 
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Well I tapped +Daniel Citrin a while ago to see if I could create a new design identity for Substance. After many hours of work I have managed to create 3 different styles. All have been heavily modified. Trying many different colors, this is what I've gotten. Due to the very high resolution of the image there has been some differences however it can be fixed. As for not liking the specific look of the paint on the left, I can create different paintings easily.
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+Connor Kirkby I know you do. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Very underrated. 
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I'm liking this. 
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I'll be constantly uploading full-resolution draft concepts for keeping everyone up-to-date and to receive feedback. Uploaded are 3 screens showcasing the editor/viewer activity and its dark variant.

Up next, the main interface!
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Just a comment I made. I had to post it here as well.

Great to see Apple buying new technology, it's much better than inventing it. As well as making an absurd amount of revenue while pioneering it as the main feature. Thank god there is some outstandly smart tech companies that release new devices that have no sense of brand promotion or unique assets. Looking at you LG ( In case you didn't know they allegedly redesigning the G series and destroying their brand identity along with it). Because you know there is not a single company can do anything sustainable. Like constantly changing their design language in every iteration, and never updating their devices once they come out (Samsung). Or even people who hire some of the best software developers and still don't manage to get quick updates on just 1+1+1 devices.
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