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I wrote a song about the election. To the tune of the Dead Kennedys classic.

Bernie Sanders Über Alles

I'm a senator from Vermont
And your vote is what I want
If you think life isn't fair
Or if you just like my hair
Won't you please go vote for me
Who cares about foreign policy
Why don't you give me a shot
A tofurkey in every pot!
A tofurkey in every pot!
Bernie Sanders, über alles
Bernie Sanders, über alles
Über alles, Bernie Sanders, Über alles Bernie, Bernie, Bernie Sanders!
I'm a modern-day Robin Hood
Raising taxes for the common good
I'll give you everything you need
And eliminate Wall Street's greed
Help me fight against the rich
And that lying Clinton bitch
I can make my dream come true
With twenty-seven dollars from you
Just twenty-seven dollars from you!
Don't ask me about gun control
There the government has no role
If you get shot, hey, that's okay
Healthcare's free! Just don't die on the way
I'll pay for all your college fees
Even though there's no money
I'll take it from the rich somehow
Haven't figured that part out
Later on I'll figure it out
(slow part)
Now it is twenty-seventeen
In your commune, so serene
In my socialist paradise
Everyone's happy, everyone's nice
Now our lives are so much better
Let's hold hands and sing together
Revolution without sacrifice
Is just a dream, but it'll suffice
I know it's been tried before
But it'll work this time, I'm sure
You will die, you flatlanders
When you mess with President Sanders. Don't you mess with President Sanders!
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New work on my blog.
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Still not sure how this is different from my main profile page, but hopefully this will become a place for (public) posts about art when I figure it out!  Anyone have tips/feedback?
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went to a Cezanne show yesterday.
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If you're in the area, please join me for a show opening at Gamuso in Asagaya! I'll be exhibiting with a half dozen other artists. If you can't make the opening, the works will be up until April 27.
Facebook event page here:
Spread the word!
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