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Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor
Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

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To Whom It May Concern

It has happened at last! The Endomondo App has enabled Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) support for Android smartphones! 

I.e. our Beets BLU heart rate monitor might be compatible with Endomondo application from now on.

Download the latest release 10.0 and enjoy tracking your activities with your fave fitness-application! 

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Runners tend to be a motivated a lot, always compelled to do more and do it faster.
The trouble is that they sometimes don't know the difference between a great workout and an overdone disaster until a day or two later, and then it's too late.

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The research that this BMI infographic is based on found that a BMI between 20.0 and 24.9 is associated with the lowest risk of mortality from any cause in healthy non smoker adults.

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The heart is the most extraordinary muscle in the human body. It delivers oxygen throughout the body to sustain life, and it's how blood is delivered to our organs and running muscles. 
You can actually train the heart to pump more efficiently, and pump more blood - and thus, oxygen - with each beat.
Here are the tips about how to create your individual training program.

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Your heart rate automatically increases when you exercise. It does so to adapt to the increase in activity. Based upon your age, your heart rate varies from one age group to the next. An unfit person has a higher heart rate than a fit person. It is important to get fit to keep your heart rate down during exercise routines and prevent health problems.

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February is a Heart Month.
Take care of your heart.
Take care of your dears.

Best price to buy Beets BLU heart rate monitor on
$49.95 only!

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Which metrics are most valuable when it comes to changing habits and getting closer to your health and fitness goals? To help you make the most of your data, they have broken down the four main metrics measured by most fitness trackers, what they actually mean, and how to start putting them to better use.

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