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Leanne Alessi, GMAPS, EFIAP/s, PPSA, EMFCC
National and international award winning photographer, EFIAP/Silver, PPSA, GMAPS and EMFCC photographic honours, Sydney Australia
National and international award winning photographer, EFIAP/Silver, PPSA, GMAPS and EMFCC photographic honours, Sydney Australia

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"Fairest of Maidens"

My husband, John, and I attended an historical picnic at Victoria Park Sydney in March 2016. There were about 25 individuals who attended dressed in various attire and all willing to be photographed.

As you can see by this young lady’s expression, she felt very comfortable in front of the lens. She was capable of striking her own pose with very little guidance. I was captivated, as she had a China doll-like appearance. Her hat and arm placement helped to frame her face and the subdued tones flattered her porcelain complexion. I find the portrait very engaging, thanks to the model’s wonderful eyes.


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"Tender Years"

I was on a guided history tour of one of John & Elizabeth Macarthur’s homes – Belgenny Farm, located in historic Camden Park Estate, located only one hour south west from Sydney.

A tractor ride took us to an elevated part of the site to where several generations of the Macarthurs now lay at rest.

Whilst our guide was instilling us with his knowledge, this young child was just sitting quietly showing no interest at all, as you can expect. I was situated some distance from this young man and spotted him. Luckily, I had my 70-200 mm lens, which spends most of its time attached to my camera. After some quick adjustments to settings, I raised the camera, aimed towards my young subject, his gaze into the distance changed toward me and I managed to get one frame before his gaze moved and he was off and about, as young kids do. Overcast conditions allowed the camera to capture all the detail of his face under the brim of his hat, gave a lovely even light and wide open (no squinting) eyes.

It was not until I reviewed the image on my computer did I see the true potential this image held. I had envisaged an image of a young child with beautiful skin and just retaining the eyes in colour. I cannot resist that beautiful, translucent skin young children possess.

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A rework of an image taken a few years ago, which deserved some attention. I love the majesty of these beautiful creatures, which comes across in this image.

This African Lion's outdoor enclosure had a glass wall. The best way to photograph through glass is to turn off the flash and place the lens (with the lens hood on) of the camera hard up against the glass. This will ensure that there are no reflections of you or the members of the public around you.

Taken at Taronga Zoo, Mosman, Sydney, which is celebrating it's 100th birthday this year.

Canon EOS 400D (now superseded); prime 100 mm lens; 1/250 second; aperture priority; f2.8; 200 ISO; exposure compensation minus two thirds of a stop. 

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"Touch of Evil"

My husband and I recently attended Sydney's Zombie Walk. It is held every year to raise awareness and funds for Australia's Brain Foundation. This year's event was held in Belmore Park, right beside Central station. It's always a lot of fun and some participants really do spend quite a bit of time with preparation and makeup.

Photographically, this is a challenging event. There are hundreds of participants, just as many budding photographers (some even with DSLRs) vying for photos, and the city skyline all to contend with. Most photographers just shoot the zombies as they see them, with all the distracting elements in shot. Perhaps they are happy with that result, too timid to ask or had not thought about setting up the shot.

In order to get "clean" shots, you really need to enlist the zombie's co-operation and set up the shot to take the best advantage of the opportunity.

This is my hero shot from the day. I just loved the wicked idea of an evil clown. Of course, the clown's initial response was to smile for the camera! When approached, the clown was happy to co-operate - looking straight at the camera with right hand outstretched toward me. (It probably should read, "looking at MY camera", as by the time I set up this shot, there were another 20 budding photographers jostling for positions around me to take the same shot!) I was sitting on the ground shooting up toward trees situated in the distant background.

Details: Canon EOS 7D, 70-200mm f2.8 IS lens, at 70mm, aperture priority, f9, 1/125 second, ISO 1000, no exposure compensation.

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"Provocative Perennial"

This would have to be one of my favourite monochrome images.  

I had attended a local flower show and enquired as to what they did with the blooms once the show had ended.  They sell them very cheaply.  So I purchased about 5 blooms - of perfect, exhibition quality - for about $5, took them home, pulled out my macro lens and immediately took a series of photos before the blooms had time to deteriorate.

This is a giant decorative hybrid cactus dahlia cultivar with a flowerhead of approx 18cm. 

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"Captive Gaze"

John and I were joined by three Eastern Water Dragons on our recent stay at the Motel Aquajet at Coffs Harbour. Quite friendly and curious - just as we were! Tame enough to allow me to get close with a macro lens for a couple of portraits.  :)

More information about the dragons can be located at

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My husband and I recently attended Coffs Harbour Butterfly House. The climatised glasshouse's high temperature and humidity provides optimal conditions to breed and keep butterflys. 

These images have been taken using a dedicated macro lens - the Canon EF 100m f2.8 USM lens - perfect for the task.  

I spent 90 minutes amongst these fine insects admiring and capturing their beauty.  

For those interested, visit their website for more details :
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It was an honour to commemorate the centenary of ANZAC in Bigge Park, Liverpool.    

The 18th Battalion Living History Group "at ease", along with a German and three Turkish soldiers in front of one of the memorials to the diggers in Bigge Park, Liverpool.   They provided a battle re-enactment. 

Thank you to all the various sponsors and to Liverpool Council for organising the event.

Lest we forget .. .. ..

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Wollondilly Remembers .. .. ANZAC Centenary Commemoration.  

They have both been reproduced in sepia, which is considered more in keeping with the times.
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Some exciting news : )

GMAPS Honours Granted !

I have received notification that I have been granted the GMAPS honour - Grand Master of the Australian Photographic Society - in recognition as having reached the highest standing among exhibitors the world over and has the most extensive record of success. How proud that makes me feel.

What does it all mean? Well, simply I have attained in excess of 300 acceptances including 6 different images having won 6 awards in 6 different countries in international exhibitions – again attained in less than 12 months.

Makes me very proud !
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