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Jedediah Heimkes
Champion of Angry professional emails.
Champion of Angry professional emails.

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Trying to blog more to help collect my thoughts on my life.

Anyone recommend good nmap sources. Specifically got a contract to walk in cold to a small/medium business and boost their security. Patches, nmap scans, OU priv access. etc. If anyone has experience with it or wants to toss some advice my way I would appreciate it. 

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+Jessi Mon'e was the fire master all weekend. Plus he's a bit of a badass with the knife and ax. 
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+David Kazlas This was the food I was talking about. 

Got job posting to share. Sr Security SOC. Its based out of Vegas but they will allow remote work with visits (paid)to clients site. Pay is flexible, they are willing to make it work. Looking for essentially tier 2 SOC work. Malware analysis detection, bit of forensics. Hit me up if you are interested.

Anyone on here do memory forensics or work with volatility? Its next on my to learn list so I'm always down for getting advice.

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