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Adventurous mountain trips where people connect while tickling comfort zones!
Adventurous mountain trips where people connect while tickling comfort zones!

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New video! Great memories :)

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How we sleep at a Crazy Camp!

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I always love to see this video! It catches the fun adventurous spirit of a Crazy Camp so well :)

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Crazy Mountain Balance Camp • 2016 •

Alwyn Birch from Australia was one of the people that participated in this epic mountain adventure. He wrote the following about his experience:
The Crazy Mountain Balance Camp was awesome! We hiked the mountains in the mist of the morning, seeing the due drip off the pines - and even in a storm with hail (on the same day), where the roads turned to rivers. It was a bit scary but me and another girl shared a poncho, she was from the USA. It was a special moment, we had some great conversations in there. We looked so funny, waddling down the mountain together trying not to fall over!
We touched cows, they are so cute! They lick you like a big dog and their tongues are really long too! One girl had the whole side of her arm in it’s mouth. Gross, slobber everywhere but it was funny :) I want to make one my friend and ride it.
We saw eagles off in the distance circling the top of the mountains, while sitting in a hot tub, feeling the steam coming up past our nose, watching all the new waterfalls appear, created from the herenderous storm - that was magical! Trying to find them, sort of like hide-n-seek the childhood game but we had a beer.
We had many special moments and ate many different foods from all types of countries. This guy from Belgium made us these capsicums with like a little hat and all this yummy stuff inside. It was so good you could eat it like a yogurt.
We did many yoga sessions and many meditations. Some even in the snow naked! That was cool! It sounds crazy and weird but when your there you feel so alive!!!! Like you never have before… trust me!
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