My FUDCon KL 2012

Like what I had mentioned about Bersih 3.0 earlier, events and the experiences that happened is really is about the People. A conference is nothing without the people in it.

Since that Thursday night on November last year till now, it has been quite the roller coaster ride of anxiety, but also of achieving little milestones throughout the time achieved by the countless man hours spent by the Crew members in making this work. Also having the record for the shortest prep time for a FUDCon is validation of our efforts.

Here is then a summary from my POV.

Day 1: Day started the night before as I picked up Ratnadeep and Kaio from LCCT. Could not attend as many talks as I liked because of some backstage work & Kaio. During the closing hours of the day, Kushal wanted to buy a flatscreen TV, thus yours truly had to bring 2 Indians and a Aussie into PJ for a Satay dinner, flatscreen shopping & Tom Yam supper. Needless to say "TV Buyer " Kushal became a Tom Yam convert. Also bought a Mac Display Port to VGA adapter for Joshua Wulf.

Day 2: Some minor volunteer work to do, especially to buy the first 24 cans of Red Bull for the speakers @ RM70 per carton. Ze Germans commented that Malaysia's less sweet is like normal sweet to them. Could attend more talks myself after that though. More cans of Red Bull were bought later in the day too.

FUDPub started off slowly and awkwardly, but when when everyone is finally at the scene and with +Izhar Firdaus 's phone plugged into the sound system, people started to loosen up to a point we had a cake fight initiated by "Tom Yam" Kushal. Proved that alcoholic beverages are unnecessary for a good time. Also had an idle chat session with the boys in lieu of #culturefreedomday .

Day 3: With a fever going on, made it to the venue reasonably early and distributed the last of the Red Bull cans to the speakers and volunteers.
Prepared for my own talk about SSDs in Fedora to just a lone attendee. The outcome could have been worse though.

Went around for the last of the talks especially for Victor's session and the systemd talk. Never had a chance to win the 2 Galaxy Tabs for the lucky draw because of the crew restriction clause though. Posed for a short kudos session after and proceeded to a final tea graced by a Hot Dog in the box.

Would dare say that +Izhar Firdaus's mum has done well in creating the meals for all of us for the last 3 days. I would say that there is a little of mum's love and thoughts in every pack I held. Everyone dispersed slowly but surely, but I was relatively glad the whole event went without a show stopper.

Thanks to everyone in the crew that made it happen, though +Izhar Firdaus, +Maverick JS& Gurdip Singh should have the most kudos for their contributions to the whole event.

Thus I end this post now to finally reflect on the events of the last 3 days that would be my equivalent of Woodstock 67.

Oh, to know of more Fedora events, circle +Fedora Malaysia and +Fedora Project as well as subscribing to the mailing list @ Thanks!

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