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Cameron and Mom create area and perimeter problems in MinecraftEdu

I have a college counselor at my school site who has just started using autoCrat at my suggestion for creating documents about each student based on their responses to a long survey Google Form.  A whole bunch of tags he has mapped are not saving, and rather are defaulting to "Timestamp" as their mapped tag, and the result in the merged documents is "undefined" appears where the data should merge into.

He also has one other seemingly random tag that just won't work.  Anyone else have similar issues?

Hey there +Bjorn Behrendt -- do you have any ideas about why I can't find Choice Eliminator in the Google Add-Ons?

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SO COOL!  I had not heard of this resource for the Pocket Edition, so I am VERY grateful to have this brought to my attention.

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Thank you for being real and realistic. Sometimes it's a mess. It just doesn't work for some reason. Owning it shows maturity and planning to improve it shows dedication.

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Interested in getting your Master's degree in #edtech ?  I can highly recommend this program: (an even better, improed program than its predecessor, which I completed in 2010).  More info in this flyer:

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Dude, #RumpelStillman, you're my hero.  I use Doctopus so much that someone gave me a huge octopus sticker for my laptop case.  This makes me so HAPPY!!!!!!
Teacher time matters!  

That's why I finally buckled down and spent the past 16 hours in the same chair, elbow-deep in a complete rewrite of the core copy-and-share functions of Doctopus;)  My goal was to make Doctopus sharing faster, more reliable, and more capable of handling large and complex sharing jobs.

Here's what I accomplished:

- An increase in speed of 2x to 3x over the old version during the process of copying & sharing templates, and un-embargoing files.  Credit here to +Bruce Mcpherson and +Tim Cargan giving me the courage to try parallel processing from HTMLService.  This technique is now central to the way Doctopus works.

- Elimination of the timeout process.  Thanks to +Romain Vialard  for the inspiration to use HTMLService to handle long-running processes.  Doctopus now just keeps chugging straight through, well beyond 6 minutes, until it is done.

- Much of the original code dated to my first or second month with Javascript -- quite a lot of verbose junk in the closet;)  I was able to reduce to 800 from 1697 lines of code in the share engine.  Much less bloat.  Much easier to read and maintain.  

- Re-creation of the step 6 UI to include better communication of the what Doctopus is up to as it's running.

Though I've done pretty thorough testing, I did this over a long weekend so that there might be time to catch any major bugs in the upgrade before the crush of the teaching week begins.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE report any findings to me ASAP so I can squash them immediately.


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Of industrialized country's, the USA has one of the worst school systems in the world.
Leave those Kids Alone  

#education   #commoncore   #children   #protect  
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