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Anna Gray
They call me Peppers...
They call me Peppers...
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Wondering whats on your mind, it must be hard to be that fine
When all these muthaf-ckas wanna waste your time...

Got 26 days to work with (got 26 days)
Then back on that island

I <3 Ke$ha!!!1!

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Tell me that i’m fresh i’m like no duh - K. Flay

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Oh yeah, bumping K.Flay right now....and lovin' it!

My cat Piper is afraid of the dark!

So I am officially a nerd! I went out with my friends and came home to find my homework available online. I did my reading only to find my internet unresponsive. So I waited two hours till my it work so I could complete my assignments. Its almost 5am now, wish I had more homework!
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