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Donald Davis

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Knowing just how much Jesus loves you will motivate you to fulfill the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission. The two go hand-in-hand.
How's your LOVE going?
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Donald Davis

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Confession Time: When I was gripped by PORNOGRAPHY. Sin can get a hold of you. When you are in the DARKNESS, then how GREAT is that DARKNESS. Be set FREE by Jesus Christ today.
The Eye is the Lamp of the Body...
BE FULL OF LIGHT with the Help of Jesus Christ today.
#Darkness   #Light   #FreedominChrist   #Freedom   #SexualSin   #Pornography   #Addiction   #Jesus   #Confession   #TrustJesus   #Sex   #GoodNews   #GreatNews   #SpiritandWord   #WordandSpirit  
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Donald Davis

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Pentecost Open Air Baptism Service.
@St Luke's West Norwood London.
#Pentecost   #Baptism   #FullImmersion   #Christian   #WestNorwood   #London  #Christian #Faith 
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Donald Davis

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Some AWESOME worship.
Remember fellow Christian, when you think, "I can't" that IN Christ, you most definitely CAN. HOW? Because, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"... Amen!
#Christian #Discipleship  #SpiritandWord   #WoderandSpirit  #Faith #JesusWalk  #BibleDaily  
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Donald Davis

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Preaching TRUE Repentance:
What's wrong with preaching repentance?
Answer: Nothing, because it's what Jesus told His followers to do.
#TrueRepentance   #Christian   #Faith   #Jesus   #GoodNews   #StreetEvangelism   #GospelWitnessing   #Discipleship   #WordandSpirit  
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Donald Davis

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Donald Davis

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Had a fantastic time with wife Julie and some of the grandchildren at Camber Sands Beach.
#CamberSandsBeach   #Camber   #CamberSands   #Rye  
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Donald Davis

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After Pentecost: What's Next: The POWER to SAVE the World.
Holy Spirit Power and Presence for His Purpose: To win the world for Jesus Christ.
#Pentecost   #PentecostPrayerWeek   #ThyKingdomCome  
#ThyWillBeDone  #Jesus #Christian  #Faith   #Hope   #Baptism   #FullImmersion   #WestNorwood   #London   #UK   #GoodNews   #BreakingNews  
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Donald Davis

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"You don't NEED permission to share the Good News about Jesus"
He's already given His permission becasue He's got the Authority to do so.
Finding ways to SHARE Jesus with the people of the world.
Gospel Evangelism.
#GoodNews   #Gospel   #Evangelism   #FaithSharing   #T4T   #TrainingForTrainers   #Training4Trainers   #YingKai   #SpiritandWord   #WordandSpirit   #BibleDaily   #DailyBible   #GreatNews   #BreakingNews   #Christian   #Discipleship   #Training   #Witnessing   #Faith   #Religious  
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Donald Davis

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WOWzer! Falling in LOVE with Jesus. Awesome worship.
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Donald Davis

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You were made to LAST Forever, Eternity.
Remember the promise of those "Eveready Batteries"? They were meant to keep going forever, but they all eventually died. So do we, but there's part of us that lives on after death. Our Eternal Soul...
Read More Here: #Eternity #Christian #Soul #Afterlife #LifeAfterDeath #SoulSleep #Awake #UK #London #WestNorwood #GoodNews #BreakingNews #Evangelism #StreetEvangelism #SpiritandWord #WordandSpirit 
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Donald Davis

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"I LOVE Lettuce"
The Fantastic Fourteen "Let us" Statements in the Book of Hebrews.
These will blow-your-socks-off today :-)
The "Let us" in God's Word.
#Letus   #Lettuce   #FantasticFourteen   #Hebrews  #Christian #Love #Joy   #Peace   #Jesus   #WordandSpirit   #SpiritandWord   #GoodNews   #BreakingNews   #Encouragement   #DailyBible   #BibleDaily   #WordofGod   #Bible   #Discipleship   #Faith   #Christian   #DailyDevotional  
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A Christian Evangelist & A London Based Photographer.
Donald is an Christian Minister and An Accomplished London based Photographer. 
Specialising in: Evangelism. Missions, Outreach, One-to-One Street Evangelism, Bible Based Teaching, Holy Spirit Gifts Ministry, Public Speaking and Hosting.

Photography Styles / Specialisation: Portraiture, Landscape, Urban Landscapes, Events and Reportage.

Originally from Scotland. 
Hosts Sites: 
Don's Daily Spirit & Word Website: Daily encouragement from God's Word. Helps and Tips on Sharing Jesus.
Don's Blog: Sharing all things photography, my other passion. Always been interested in Art, Photography, Books, Adventure, Travel, Science and Mathematics. 

Bragging rights
Visited the North Pole in a Submarine and surfaced through the ice. Had dinner with Queen Elizabeth ll on HMS Ark Royal in 1977 at the Silver Jubilee Review of the Fleet.
  • Secondary Education, 1970 - 1976
  • Theoligical College, 1991 - 1994
  • Marine Engineering Portsmouth, 1987 - 1990
Minister, Evangelist, Photographer, Storyteller, Motivational Speaker.
Evangelism, Missions, Holy Spirit Gifts, Artist, Photographer, Storyteller, Marriage, Husband of 36+ years, Enthusiast, Motivational Speaker, Gentleman.
  • Minister of Religion
    Reverend, 1992 - present
    Vicar of St Luke's Church, West Norwood, London. London Based Photographer.
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