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Would you buy groceries from Amazon? Many have tried and failed in online groceries but don't bet against Bezos

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The parking gods smiled on me today - I got the second to last space on the last row of the last level of the airport parking deck. The parking gods must have frowned on the guy two cars back as the sounds coming out his window were not prayers or thanks.

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One tool to rule them all: post to FB, Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn. Automatically shorten links with for URLs. Is there such a beast?

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You've already invested in SEO. Google claims Paid Search will bring an additional 85% lift. True or not?

An unforeseen side effect of full screen apps in OS X Lion is that I never know what time it is or if my battery is about to run out.

The sound quality on Spotify's free service is pretty bad. I'm either going to have to upgrade to Premium, or ditch Spotify altogether. They use the Vorbis codec, which sounds to my ears much worse than MP3 or the superior AAC codecs.

Installing OS X Lion. Very smooth install so far.
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