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I have posted a new blog. This is my first since August and I think you might enjoy it.

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The second blog post with Penny Ehrenkranz as my guest is now posted. Find out more about Penny and her books in the interview and read excerpts from the two books in Ghostly Visions.

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Come over to learn about Penny Ehrenkranz (Penny Lockwood) and her new series: Ghostly Visions. Read about the books today and tomorrow learn more about the author. It's a two part blog visit.

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Check out my new blog with a review of Jacqueline, a middle grade novel you might want to give your kids for summer reading.

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I will be part of Beach Reads Bonanza on Wednesday, June 8 at 2PM Central.(3PM EST) Giving away 2 free books as prizes. Starts on June 7 at 12PM.(1PM EST) Hope to see all my friends there:

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Hi. Just posted my poems for Days 16-22 on my blog. Come over and check them out.

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Check out this very talented author couple and their new book on my blog, Barbara's Meanderings

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Barbara Ehrentreu commented on a post on Blogger.
Sherry, thank you for this beautiful article featuring my book After! I hope kids will pick it up and find something they like in it. Sometimes it helps if you know someone who is sick in your family, to read about how another kid coped with it. 

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Sunset Memory

The sunset spreads across the sky
orange and lavender ribbons splashed
like an abstract painting blending into
each other as if the paint were sliding
and being smoothed by Monet or Pizarro
and my thoughts turn to all of the
sunsets we saw together in the confines
of these states and abroad 
under skies over people not quite like us
for you it was only the sun setting and 
not the incarnation of impressionist painters
displaying their talents
you put your arm around me and we
watched as lavender, your favorite color,
slowly turned to darker purple and finally
became the black of the evening sky
your arm, the home of my sunshine,
warm around my back
the air cooling, but your body
near mine keeping away the chill
always my shelter 
and now as I 
watch this sunset with 
varicolored clouds filling 
the open space above me 
I have only your memory
and the enduring strength of your love
as I drive toward the western sky 
your presence still nestled warm 
in my heart
copyright 2016 by Barbara Ehrentreu

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Not only is my guest author a multi-published author, but she is a very gifted artist. Read all about her on here. Then come and listen to my radio show: Red River Radio Tales from the Pages at 4PM EST on Thursday, September 24th.
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