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I’ve started getting a lot of lawyer solicitations saying my case has been filed. Can I check this for myself?

Yes. You can review the status of your case on the county website. Here is a link to Denton, Collin and Dallas count...y on-line record search:




You can check out more FAQ's here:

If you have been arrested for DWI, please contact us today!

972-492-2889 or visit us on-line at:

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I was just arrested for a DWI & the officer took my driver’s license.  Does this mean I can’t drive?
If you were arrested and refused chemical testing or blew over a .08, the officer probably took your license & issued a Notice of Suspension/Temporary Driving Permit (DIC-25).  The good news is that your license is not suspended YET ….. However, this form is only good to drive on 40 days.  So, you MUST read this form & the Statutory Warning (DIC-24) completely.  Together, they will tell you that you have a right to request a hearing on the suspension of your driver’s license within 15 days from the date you were given these documents.
You may request this hearing by phone, fax or through the DPS website. Your best bet is to requesting it by fax (be sure to get a fax confirmation sheet) or through the DPS website at (then print the on-line confirmation).   

If you or someone you know has been arrested for DWI, please contact us today! 972-492-2889 or visit us online at
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