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Husband, Dad, Catholic School Principal
Husband, Dad, Catholic School Principal

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Time for a new notebook, so I'm trying something different - as I've shared before that I like to do. I found this A6 Quo Vadis Habana for $11 at Writer's Bloc. Great paper. 

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For +Kelly Lynch. The Quiver. The leather will stretch. A bit masculine​

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For you notebook explorers, my son came home on break with an Ogami notebook. The only paper made of stone. About the size of a Moleskine though not as many pages. Smooth, fountain pen friendly. Solid, heavy feel to it.

I'm looking for a basketball lens, but the 70-200 is out of my range. I'm trying out the Canon 85mm f/1.8 and have tried the 200mm f/2.8. What do you like?

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A short piece of interest from another community. Thank you, +Art Gelwicks​

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Whether you support this kickstarter or not, this could put your #bulletjournal  on steroids: #passionplanner - I already see elements of it through the posts in this community.

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Some of you know I have incorporated J.D. Meier's "Getting Results the Agile Way" into my #bulletjournal  system. For those interested, here is a great overview he writes in his blog; though, he doesn't address year-long goals (which is also part of it). He expresses the importance of writing things down. FYI

I find it intriguing the number of lefties in this community.

For awhile now I've contemplated the future of my personal journals and now bullet journals. If my kids and/or hopefully some day grandkids will want them, there will be only one set of journals to share. However, by saving them in Evernote with my phone scanner app, they are there to share indefinitely in PDF.

On the other hand, TYPING a journal in Evernote or Penzu or the like does not reveal my persona like the poetry of ink on paper can. Imagine reading typed Abe Lincoln letters? Not that I have anything profound to say. It is simply about leaving a legacy, so we don't forget our story...and that is another beauty of the Bullet Journal.
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