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And the beat goes on...... #NewYorkKnicks   #Dolan   #MSG   #Knicks  
According to a report, James Dolan is attempting to stop newly-hired executive Phil Jackson from firing Knicks employees.
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Better late than never?  Unreal.

Note:  This is not The Onion.   #AntiSemitism  

What are the chances that #Columbus was in fact Jewish.  A converso.  A lot of evidence to suggest it is so.   #Spain  
After more than 500 years, the 56 residents of Castrillo Matajudios (Castrillo Kill Jews) will vote on whether to change the town's name.
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David DeNaples

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The Century's Decline #poetry

Our twentieth century was going to improve on the others.
It will never prove it now,
now that its years are numbered,
its gait is shaky,
its breath is short.

Too many things have happened
that weren't supposed to happen,
and what was supposed to come about
has not.

Happiness and spring, among other things,
were supposed to be getting closer.

Fear was expected to leave the mountains and the valleys.
Truth was supposed to hit home
before a lie.

A couple of problems weren't going
to come up anymore:
hunger, for example,
and war, and so forth.

There was going to be respect
for helpless people's helplessness,
trust, that kind of stuff.

Anyone who planned to enjoy the world
is now faced
with a hopeless task.

Stupidity isn't funny.
Wisdom isn't gay.
isn't that young girl anymore,
et cetera, alas.

God was finally going to believe
in a man both good and strong,
but good and strong
are still two different men.

"How should we live?" someone asked me in a letter.
I had meant to ask him
the same question.

Again, and as ever,
as may be seen above,
the most pressing questions
are naive ones.

---Wisława Szymborska, 1986
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Also, failing to integrate Russia in the 1990's is what got us here in the first place!  That should be the only Cold War analogy being discussed.  

#Crimea   #ThisIsNothingLikeTheColdWar  
Europe should be working to integrate, not isolate, Russia. Punitive isolation is what the Treaty of Versailles did to post-World War I Germany, leading to Hitler’s rise and World War II. Instead, the West and Russia have everything to gain by Russia’s coming closer to the EU.
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Its still at The Met last time I was there - you should go (before they are forced to return it)
The Temple of Dendur (modern name) was constructed by the Roman emperor Augustus in Nubia, in 15 BCE. This small temple honored the goddess Isis and, beside her, Pedesi and Pihor, deified sons of a local Nubian chieftain. It was given to the US by the government of Egypt in 1965, and is located at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC.
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ok, yes.  
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This would be like if the US appointed John Negroponte, the man who oversaw many of the human rights abuses in Central America in the 80's, to be the ambassador to the UN or something.....oh wait, the Pres. Bush did appoint him. 

#Iran #UN #hotandrecommended  
State Department officials say the US is generally obligated to admit the chosen representatives of UN member states, but members of Congress are livid at Iran's 'slap in the face' of the US.
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Like Superman or Spider-Man, the story of a young Pakistani American named Kamala Khan is both an empowerment fantasy and an assimilation story.
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