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Risto Rossi
Dad of a few great Finnish-American kids, husband of Tiff. Translator by day, Batman by night. Not really, but that sure got your attention, right?
Dad of a few great Finnish-American kids, husband of Tiff. Translator by day, Batman by night. Not really, but that sure got your attention, right?

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Uh, just the thought of stepping on a Lego males my feet hurt. 
I hope you DON'T step on a Lego. 

The science of why stepping on Legos makes you want to die

There are a few factors that come together to make this such a painful experience, wrote Karl Smallwood of Today I Found Out (via Yahoo). First of all, the sole of the foot is highly sensitive to pain (and tickling), because of the many nerve endings there that convey information and help keep the body balanced.

And those plastic blocks are designed to be pretty astonishingly hard, with sharp corners to boot. You could apply 950 lbs, or stack 375,000 lego bricks, before one would crack. That means that as your foot stomps down on a block, the plastic doesn’t crack or crumble, its tiny evil ridges remaining intact as they dig into the ball of your foot.

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Cool article about how we see colors. I often call something blue or green and get a "duh, that's violet/cyan etc." so this idea of having broader meanings for green and blue and other colors totally seems very natural to me.

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Don't read this article, it'll ruin watching every movie you've seen in the last fifteen years. I warned you! DON'T! But yeah. Crap. Why does everything look like that? Seriously:

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Great article about what being in space feels like. Kinda envious of future generations that might, perhaps, be able to experience that as easily as we can "enjoy" a flight across the oceans. 
This was a mesmerizing read.  

"One of the strangest experiences in space is one of the simplest on Earth: sleeping. On the shuttle, you strap your sleeping bag to the wall or the ceiling or the floor, wherever you want, and you get in. It’s like camping. The bag has armholes, so you stick your arms through, reaching outside the bag to zip it up. You tighten the Velcro straps around you to make you feel like you’re tucked in. Then you strap your head to the pillow—a block of foam—with another Velcro strap, to allow your neck to relax. If you don’t tuck your arms into the bag, they drift out in front of you. Sometimes you wake up in the morning to see an arm floating in front of your face and think, “Whoa! What is that?” until you realize it’s yours."

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Cool picture of probes sent out to space, there's actually quite a few. 
Very nice graphic showing all the interplanetary missions. I still remember with huge excitement when I was 10 years old and the Voyager 1 and 2 satellites were sending back amazing new pictures of Jupiter. There was a special issue of Scientific American about this that I read many times over, and I wrote my first word-processed report about the Jupiter discoveries for my fourth grade teacher (we had a daisy wheel printer that could do microspacing to left and right justify the text, which amazed and befuddled my teacher).

Amazing to see the Voyager probes are still going strong.

H/t +David Crawshaw

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This sounds very cool. Can't wait to try one of these VR things out. 
I've been skeptical of the Oculus Rift, but this review from Ars makes it sound like it might be compelling enough to be a major success: "As long as I can remember, I've wanted to fly my own spaceship. And now, it really and truly feels like I am. The cockpit and holographic instruments are great, but it’s that sense of presence that makes it so powerful. Standing and looking out the side window of my ship while I cruise is just—addictive. When games are designed with VR in mind, and when those games are coupled with good hardware, the resulting experience can finally deliver on a lot of the promises we were all made in the 1990s  ... I just wish there were a way to bring you guys along for the ride, because it’s really that good."

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Huomenta Suomi! Etsimme kielenkääntäjää yritykseemme, mahtaakohan Plussasta löytyä kiinnostuneita? Kiitos jo etukäteen jakamisesta.

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A really interesting article on Microsoft and their new CEO. Also has interesting stuff about how the board of Microsoft nearly killed the Nokia deal. Worth reading if at all interested in Microsoft or Nokia, past and future. 
Another excellent (and long) article from Vanity Fair on Microsoft. It's hard to pick just one quote, but here's a good teaser: "Embracing reality is also a huge change at Microsoft, where some joke about the 'reality-distortion field.' As one explains it to me, life under Ballmer, and to some extent even Gates, was 'Let’s get on I-90 and drive to Hawaii! We've got beer, we've got snacks, it’ll be great!’ But then you say, ‘Oh, wait, you can’t get to Hawaii on I-90.’ They say, ‘Yes, you can! It’ll be great! Let’s go!’ As this person says, 'It can be really good but also really freakin' draining.'"

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I wonder if they'll make a Lego Minecraft game, like all the Harry Potters and star Wars... No, wait... 
New #Lego #Minecraft: Sneak preview of new #Christmas toys:

The official release of Lego Minecraft is planned for November, photos of the new Lego Minecraft sets have been accidentally leaked online.

+Keith Kendrick 

Oh ye people with Google knowledge, can anybody give me a hint here: I love Gmail / Google calendar's Quick Add feature, but it really is bugging with date formats. When I get mails that have the following date:

Deadline: 06/10/2014 18:00

And I right-click it, the damn entry created will say "WED 06/10/15" (Where does the "15" come from?) and not "Mon Oct 6th". So it's detecting both the date format wrong (months/days order) and the wrong damn year. I've tried changing date format, doesn't work. It just bugs out. Anybody? +Jaana Nyström , use your Google magic, make someone fix this, pretty please? =) This is with Google Apps...the feature is pretty much essential to me for managing tasks, and it's driving me crazy.

If somebody wants to try it, just send yourself a mail with the date line I had above, right-cick the underlined date and see what it suggests for the calendar entry. Thanks.
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