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I like your evaluation perspective from superintendent down to a teachers view. The object for everyone in a district (from the top down to the bottom) is to get students to walk the stage. How each role is involved in each student's educational advancement is different but the objectives are all the same. From reading your research on the Goals Oriented Model and the Dick & Carey Instructional Design Model you made me think about the "space time continuum" and Back to the Future. Time is involved in performing quality and quantitatively sound evaluations that will be used to improve student performance. Time is a major barrier for teachers in the classroom and if we could go back in time to reteach, connect with a student, or retake a workshop would be a huge benefit to teachers and student success. That is why have to efficient and effective with the time we have. One of the keys for student success begins at the district level with instructional support. The teacher sees the need(s) of individual students and then refers to the support provided by the district to help each student succeed. Again, the limiting factor is time for teachers to "differentiate" the instructional needs for each might think of this as an IEP for each student (special needs or general ed).
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