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Technology, human evolution, 'the Singularity' and galaxies far, far away...

As a writer with a psychological twist I thought I would explore something rather exciting.

Please note..this is article is intended to offer another layer to the concept of a social network through introducing the idea of the 'Singularity'.

The role of technology in human evolution.

Some would say, every civilization will move in the direction of increased utilisation of technology. From being able to generate fire, to inventing the wheel, to so many advancements in the field of health, we have taken technology into our lives. The pace, however, is starting to pick up. 
If you consider the developments over the past few years in personal computing and connectivity, for instance, you will relate to how far we have come.

It is through the ability to increasingly rarify and manipulate the material world that we have been enabled to penetrate into the smallest of physical realms using microscopes and the further reaches of the Universe using telescopes like:
There is a step we are taking, however, that is just about ‘looking at’ or ‘looking into’ but is about ‘connecting with’ and 'relating to' in so many ways. It is this connection that enables a change in perceptions as one relate to an ‘object’ in a new way.

What is it all about?

I am fascinated with Ray Kurzweil and the concept of the Singularity and since being on Google+, it has become of great interest to me. Especially as Google are one of the sponsor of The Singularity University

So, what is the Singularity? In Ray Kurzweil’s words:
The Singularity denotes an event that will take place in the material world, the inevitable next step in the evolutionary process that started with biological evolution and has extended through human-directed technological evolution. However, it is precisely in the world of matter and energy that we encounter transcendence, a principal connotation of what people refer to as spirituality.

The role of Google+
In my mind, Google+ is foundational technology that will enable global interconnectivity to occur. Never before has there been such an opportunity for so many people to connect in so many ways.

Just as many of us are wowed by skydivers video streaming content into a hangout (Watch the Entire Mind-Blowing Skydiving Demo of Google's Project Glass.), we have to remember that this is what happens with leading edge tech. People would have felt the same when (telephone) first rang and they were able to connect through wires spread across the country and even to people overseas. So, imagine if this rate of technological advancement was to keep on getting faster and faster (hitting an exponential rate before too long...)

Well, consider the possibility of civilizations in other parts of the Galaxy being billions of years ahead of us, all having moved through the technological phrase and creating methods of to spread the concepts of more connectivity within the experience of reality.
As I am being a little sci-fi here, these technologies could be of aligned to become natural form for this planet enabling matter to wake up to itself, spreading the message throughout the cosmos. In other words, we may have already been influenced!

Or it could be, as Kurweil says, “As we gradually learn to harness the optimal computing capacity of matter, our intelligence will spread through the universe at (or exceeding) the speed of light, eventually leading to a sublime, universe wide awakening.” 
More here...Transcendent Man & The Singularity by Ray Kurzweil

So, you know my view on this. Google and Google+ are increasingly becoming integral in the process of human evolution.  What we ‘enter into this phase’ with, will in turn, influence the trajectory for humanity. This refers to how we use the technology. Kindness, ethics and even subtle refinement of thought will all play a role in the future. Solving big problems, is what Google does afterall. Check out and more here:

On a final note:
Many see there is a blend of technology and ‘spirituality’ begin to emerge, which excites me. As such, I want to share a quote I found that came from “The Singularity Is Near : When Humans Transcend Biology, Pages: 387” (I can’t believe I have only just bought this book!)
Molly: The boundary* of myself is seeming less and less clear.

Ray: Well, just wait until we're predominantly nonbiological. Then we'll be able to merge our thoughts and thinking at will, so finding boundaries will be even more difficult.

Molly: That actually sounds kind of appealing, You know, some Buddhist philosophies emphasize the extent to which there is inherently no boundary at all between us.

Ray: Sounds like they're talking about the Singularity

I look forward to seeing what Google have in store for us all next. It is great to be a part of it all, with you all!
Here is another article I did in this area:
(X men themed)

*“No Boundaries”...that does sound familiar...
Ah yes, Ken Wilber’s book here: gives a great description.
And , I must say...I've waited 4 months to use this pic!

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