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UPDATE 30/04 - Air Sweeper New anti-air defense: The Air Sweeper * Push back groups of flying enemies with strong blasts of air! * Air Sweepers deal no damage, but are great at slowing the progress of 
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Newly created war clan, looking for active serious members. If you want to have fun without all the gimmicks of "pro" clans with websites and billboards lol then come join us. We are serious in our wars but we like to have fun at the same time. Right now the lvl requirement is 40.

Come join the serious fun!
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Post has attachment Looking for Adults; reliable, active, loyal and persistent players looking to improve and win in wars. Requirements: TH 7+, War 2-3 times a week, Donate Lvl 5+ archers, Respect requests and other players, Coordinate Attacks, Use Good Armies (ie.. Lavaloonian, Gowipe, GoWiWi) Look us up and Apply: Bofa dezz nutz
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Clan Recruitment: New clan needs loyal members to help start up.  

My name is Cole my friend and I started a new clan and are in need of members who are in it for the long haul. Our name is SideShow Heroes and are currently accepting anyone and everyone there is a minimum troop donation quota of 150 troops per week. However since there are very few members few troop requests are made and it is understandable if that quota is not met for this reason. Once we have more members every one will be expected to make the quota. We do not have enough members to start a war but as soon as we do we will be participating in war as much as possible unless the clan votes against starting a war. Anyone who is interested is more than welcome to join or message me again the clan name is "SideShow Heroes" 
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Clan Recruitment:   PushingLimits™ Recruiting Lvl 90+ Use Goodbye Spammer on conner.monk.
You can push or farm here in PushingLimits™. We started yesterday (3/1/15) and we currently have 15 members above level 90. 5 of those members are crystal+. We do loot wars 24/7. You will receive around 350k gold and elixir and 2k dark elixir for free from each war! No little kids, and no drama! Send a request if you're interested!
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Clan Recruitment:  New Clan (Sun of Darkness)!!! Need loyal members. Use Goodbye Spammer on CarletonD.
A new clan has just came out. It is called Sun of Darkness, and I WANT YOU to join. We are active and donate a lot of awesome troops (dragons, wizards, hog riders, etc.)

Clan rules:
1. No saying F*ck
2. Donate troops
3. Both elder and co are earned by loyalty and not donations
4. Be awesome and active during clan wars (when enough members join)
5. Have an awesome time!!!

I hope you join!!!
Clash on in this awesome clan!!!
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Clan Recruitment:  WicKed EniGma est. 2-13-15 currently 3 wins 1 loss. Active. Looking to grow to 50 members. 

WicKed EniGma est. 2-13-15 currently 3 wins 1 loss. Active. Looking to grow to 50 members. Been Warring @ 15v15 thus far!! W.E. Offer Maxd Troops. Close to earning our first perks. 500 donations in a full season or 5+ stars in a War for Elder. Co position opened at every 10 members. Th7 minimum. Level 70+. unrushed bases preferred. W.E. recruit on a case by case basis. Come Join the Fun!!
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Clan Recruitment:  Havoc Lizards Clan is looking to add active members any level

Havoc Lizards Clan is looking to add active members any level Use Goodbye Spammer on havoclizard.
We just ask that our members participate in clan wars, donate troops when requested and keep the clan chat clean.

We also focus on leveling up correctly. Level up defenses, troops and walls before town halls.

Check us out and we'll share our website URL.

Clash on!
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