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Dr. Ian Smith
Internet Marketing for small business owners from a small business owner
Internet Marketing for small business owners from a small business owner

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Am I the only person who thinks this "Ready to Rock" is ludicrous and tacky? #readytorock

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Corruption: As this photo shows, corruption charges have cast real doubts over the game and the shady way in which Fifa runs things

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How do you sleep at night? For anyone asking how the brazen Blatter can be so cool in the face of such vehement public outcry, this picture might offer som answers

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One-hundred-million dollars: The amount may have been laughable in the Austin Powers movies but football lovers certainly aren't laughing about the corruption charges facing high-ranking officials. But don't worry, the man who led Fifa when it all happened has announced he has a secret plan. Sound like anyone familiar? 

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Scientists reveal the heart of the Earth's inner core

That core has another distinct region within it, researchers believe.

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My top searches in Google+ Local shows:
maps 5,155
google maps 4,917
google 602
google map 136

Clearly nonsense.
It has been like this for months. Assumed it was all part of the awful migration process.
How do I get this looked at? Any ideas?

I was a Google AdWords Certified Partner until this upgrade to Google Partners.
8 months ago I discussed with the support team which exams I should take and was given the option that included the 'Analytics' exam. I decided to take the 'Analytics' exam.
It now seems that this is not acceptable under the new regime?
This seems rather unfair. Couldn't the changes come into force after my current exams ran out?

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Another small step forward with Google+ Local
Now when you search local listings, instead of taking you to the Google Business Local page, Google will pop open a dynamic overlay window on top of the web search results.
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