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"Southern Glamour" by Juanita Savage is a 1936 island romance of the South Pacific. It was an era of both intrigue and innocence; reflecting a world in which there was no inkling of the pending world war.

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Dayton in Pulp History & Bonnett's in 3-D!
Get your red/blue glasses and check out this wonderful depiction of our shop in 3-D! It really works!!! Thanks to William Lampkin of the Yellowed Perils blog at for this great, one-of-a-kind image! Bill also posted an article about on us, " Goin...

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Just Another Day(?)
April 3rd, 2015 is the 4th First Friday Art Hop of 2015 in Dayton, OH. Many folks use the hashtag #FirstFriday, but these events take place all over the country! I like #1stFriDayton to help set us apart from all the others. First Friday is an art-centric e...

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Despite the name, this pinboard isn't particularly religious; I just like the little daily surprises an Advent Calendar brings. Bonnett's is a place rooted in barter. Trading books is nearly analogous to exchanging ideas. The open-minded flourish, sharing and including the wealth of ideas from all cultures. So, instead of exlusionary or generic holiday greetings, we like to try and honor everyone when we say, "Merry ChristmaRamaHanuKwanzamaSolstice"! However, if holiday cheer isn't to your taste, try my "Greetings from Krampus" board (ß-vom-krampus/), where I try to piece together the evolution of modern Santa Claus lore from the varied parts of it's very strange past.

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Interesting local history find today.

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Daytonians may know her best as "Girl About Town" from her blog and social media. She's been published twice on Virgin Atlantic's blog; this from June '14, and just last week as she shares the Oregon District with the world. Kudos and a big THANK YOU for sharing her love of Dayton with the world at large.

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Wrap-up:Banned Books/Freedom to Read Week
To clarify, Banned Books Week is a celebration of our Freedom to Read . You may have realized that the majority of books you find on "Banned Books" lists are readily available just about everywhere you shop for books. So what's with this BANNED business? Si...

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For #BatmanDay I photographed nearly all the Batman figures in the +Bonnett's Book Store toy collection. I rushed the job and have to confess that many turned out poorly. I decided I wanted to use them anyway and applied some considerable editing with a mind to make them look a bit like comic panels. At the end of the editing it just so happened I had 75 images of 75 different figures, one for each of Batman's 75 years.

For those who may not know, Bonnett's is also 75 this year. We're quite happy to share our celebration with the likes of the Caped Crusader, "The Wizard of Oz", "Gone With the Wind", the New York World's Fair, and many other high points of America, circa 1939.

Some of these images could be considered photos from the portfolio of investigative reporter Vicki Vale. Others might be imagined as the last vision of a Gotham criminal before winding up in the custody of Commissioner Gordon's finest. Others could be splash pages, or perhaps images from Bruce Wayne's own journal of the history of The Bat-Man.

75 Bonnett's Batman Figures
75 Photos - View album
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