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Is Houston really vulnerable to recession? {Updated answer: maybe}
So after reading Paul Krugman's prediction that Texas was vulnerable , I did two things I should have done before. First, I looked to see whether the share of jobs in the mineral industry in Houston now are any lower than they were in 1986 (the first year f...

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@ShirleyHusar spending the day with Max Chmerkovskiy @MaksimC as we prepare for the Grand Opening of Dance With Me Studio Sherman Oaks California. This will be the first School of many to come under the ownership of Elena Grinenko-Hillis and Rib Hillis, what an amazing staff and corporate leadership team. #dwmso #dwts #dwmusa #dwmfam — at LA Ballroom Studio.

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Lake Crescent Pier... Lake Crescent, Washington
Like stepping back in time,
to a simpler, calmer place.
A week before I came to New York, +Laurie Rubin and I spent a week photographing the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. It was an inspiring, enlightening, thoroughly jaw-droppingly beautiful trip!

I look at the images from where I sit now in one of the biggest, most bustling cities in the world - and it boggles my mind that these two places occupy the same planet! I can't wait to dive into the treasure trove of images that were Washington, once I'm home for a bit and not going 90 miles an hour!

For now, I wanted to share this moment of peace and loveliness. 

Processed with +Macphun Software's Intensify Pro 2. 


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Rest in peace ♡♡♡♡look beautiful

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Enjoying a beautiful day on the SF Ferry...
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Please Spread the Word | Checking out Shirley Husar keynote speaker "CFRW Northern Division 2014 Spring Conference in Sacramento, CA" 
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