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“What do the TrueSmart and Glass combo have to be able to do for me to leave my smart phone at home?”

1. With a special app I could use TrueSmart as a keyboard for Google Glass, in situations where I cannot use the speech recognition (in a loud environment etc.) With a keyboard on my wrist and a browser in my Glass (and my TrueSmart) I would not need to take a smartphone with me.

2. With a special app, that shows everything, that I see with Google Glass (it "mirrors" the content, that I see with Glass), I could show pictures , videos etc. to other people, that are not wearing Glass. In this way I would not need a smartphone, to show pictures etc. to friends.

3. With the YouTube app on my TrueSmart, I would speak, what I wish to see on YouTube, and then send it via YouTube app on my TrueSmart to the Google Chromecast, that is connected to my TV. (Chromecast: That would be a perfect remote, that is always available. I could watch videos and play music on the big TV screen, without needing a smartphone.

4. Through TrueSmart I have access to 4G Internet and the telephone network, so Google Glass also has access to the internet using the TrueSmart and I can make telephone calls with it (without needing a smartphone).


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I would use my Omate TrueSmart to control the Google Chromecast dongle that is plugged into my TV. (Chromecast: If I would like to see a video about a special topic, I just had to speak the right words for this topic into my Omate (YouTube app) and then send it to Chromecast, so that the TV would play the video.

That would be a perfect remote, that is always available on my wrist. In the same manner I also could play music or surf on webpages on the big TV screen, while sitting comfortable on my couch. :-)

That is something, only a smartwatch based on Android OS can do. So my MetaWatch will soon be cobwebbed. ;-)

+Omate TrueSmart #truesmartcontest 
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