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Top YouTubers to circle and follow on Google+
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Crazy Clip Producers
+Freddie Wong (freddiew + freddiew2)
+Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan + jp)
+Julian Smith (juliansmith87)

Comedy / Video blogers
+Adande Thorne (swoozie06 + PressStart)
+Alli Speed (CTFxC + Alli)
+Andre Meadows (Black Nerd) (BlackNerdComedy)
+Andreas K (AlbinoHeart)
+Anthony Padilla (smosh + IanH)
+Carrie-Lee Touhey (AskCarrieLee)
+Ceciley Jenkins (ceciley)
+Charles Trippy (CTFxC + charlestrippy)
+Craig Benzine (wheezywaiter)
+Dane Boe (Annoying Orange + Daneboe)
+Denise Vlogs (DeniseVlogs + DeniseActuallyVlogs)
+Duke Powell (DukePowell)
+Fine Brothers (thefinebros + thefinebros2)
+Gregory Onision (Onision + OnisionArchive + OnisionEncore + OnisionSpeaks)
+Jessica Lizama (exoticjess + JessicaLizama)
+Jenna Ezarik (itsmejennae)
+Justine Ezarik (ijustine)
+Karem Mohamed (KSicsFaces)
+Karen Alloy (spricket24 + karen24alloy)
+Kassem G (KassemG + KassemGtwo)
+Matt Gibson (MattG124)
+Matthew Brown (swiftkaratechop)
+Matthew Santoro (MatthewSantoro + MatthewSantoro2)
+Michael Mozart (JeepersMedia + TheToyChannel)
+Nathan Barnatt (nathanjbarnatt)
+Olga Kay (olgakay + OlgaKay2)
+Ray William Johnson (RayWilliamJohnson + breakingnyc)
+Ryan Higa (nigahiga + HigaTV)
+Toby Turner (Tobuscus)
+Sara Parker (DeliriumReal)
+Vincent Cyr (Cyr1216 + iamcyr)

Musicians / Artist
+Chris Thompson (supricky06)
+Cliff Baldridge (SBARTSTV)
+Daria Musk (DariaMusk)
+DeStorm Power (DeStorm)
+DJ Monopoli (TeraBrite)
+Jamie Rain (AwakenRain + redflufflykins)
+Kina Grannis (kinagrannis)
+Lena Danya (LenaDanya)
+Lucas Johnson (lucai)
+Milos Janata (milosjanata)
+Rob Michael (AtmosMusic)
+Ryan Andreas (inkrediboy)
+Sabrina Abu-Obeid (TeraBrite)
+shirley lo (jyris1)
+Trey Ratcliff (stuckincustoms)
+Valentina T (valsartdiary)

Relationship advice
+Laci Green (lacigreen + thelacepaste)
+Skyy John (skyyjohn + SkyyJohn2)

+Andrew Baron (Rocketboom)
+Gaby Montero (OMGFactsOfficial)
+Michael Buckley (WHATTHEBUCKSHOW + peron75)
+Philip DeFranco (sxephil + PhilipDeFranco)
+William Hyde (TheWillofDC)

How to / Tech / Lifestyle
+Andrea Brooks (AndreasChoice)
+Bucky Roberts (thenewboston + thenewbostonTV)
+Chris Pirillo (lockergnome)
+Dylan Hart (indymogul)
+James Lawson-Smith (jameslawsonsmith)
+Jennifer McElwain (JenniferMcElwain)
+John Haydon (johnshaydon)
+Keith McElwain (KeithMcElwain)
+Lamarr Wilson (wilsontech1 + Lamarr)
+Paige Piskin (littlemisspaigexxx)
+Rob G (Docextreme1)
+Robert Scoble (building43 + Scobleizer)
+Shira Lazar (partnersproject)

Behind the scenes
+Margaret Healy
+Sarah Evershed

Youtubers marked in bold do not post publicly.

If I missed someone add them to the comment section below.
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I'll try but I can't edit the post now. I get this message in a red annotation "There was a problem saving your post. Please try again." I think it's because I linked so many people.
This list is about circling people on Google+ and if its' titled YouTubers people will know what to do to get to your channel ; )
Lists are what is making people blow up on Google+ someone had to do it for YouTubers!
+cameron hals This list is about YouTubers that are on Google+. I can't find Ryan Andreas here, and trust me I am subscribed to so many people that don't have Google+ yet.
Editing this post is annoying, I can only do it once a day. I'm starting to add all the channel names.
What about Phillip Defranco!?
I'm glad the list saved Google+ only lets me edit this post 3 times a day then I get a "There was a problem saving your post. Please try again." message. Thanks for the input!
+Rob G Yeah I'm glad no one noticed, I thought I'd loose followers during that time but it was only short and I'm glad I'm back. It's nice to see this list going viral on G+
Thanks +Sean Saguansin I'll edit him out as soon as Google let's me edit this post again.
Check out my twitter conversations with TeraBrite:
AlbinoHeart: "What the fuck @TeraBrite got suspended from Google+ because they're not using a real name? Am I next?"
TeraBrite: "@AlbinoHeart Yep, lost a lot of respect for Google+ when they pulled that crap. Come on @Google!"
AlbinoHeart: "@TeraBrite I take it @Google even sent you an Invite to try it out didn't they?"

TeraBrite: "@AlbinoHeart Yeah and @YouTube haha"
Charles added shay and craig so I'm pretty sure those are legit
+Andreas K (directed @albinoheart and @Terabite specifically) this is not new news, the suspensions have been happening for well over a week. People reacting negatively to it at this point is just repetitive. Yes, it sucks, Google has their reasons, even if they aren't the best reasons, now please can everyone stop act like they're the first person for it to happen to...
I agree people should voice their opinion against the policy of they don't agree with it, but reacting as a victim is the wrong way to go about it I think.
+Sean Saguansin I was the first person to talk to Charles on here. He already had +Shay Carl added when his profile went public. My guess is it was imported from his contact list. It could be a fake he got from someone else, but if thats the case I'm surprised no one has told Shay about it
Only If you share it when I get you on it +Rob Michael :P I'm having trouble getting people to share it and if no one shares it it's useless.
Thanks +Matty Brown I didn't even notice that Google let me update the list :O At first I thought hey I wasn't able to update the list when I saw your comment but it did :D
Thanks for this and the hard work, much appreciated, great idea :)
It's funny how long things can go till someone notices my typos. I've always been a horrible speller. That's one of the side effect of being bilingual /: Thanks for pointing it out +Raymond Corsetti.
I don't want to add Shaycarl yet because I'm not sure which one is real. The main goal is to get active Google+ers to share this list. And if none of the Shays are active there's no need in adding them yet ;)
I am actually surprised at how inactive his accounts are, I would think if it was him he'd be smart enough to build a presence here while the platform is young.
Me too, and there are other's on this list that seem like fakes, especially some of the profiles I marked in bold. besides +Jamie Rain I know she posts to her circles. Maybe some were just created as placeholders.
I know a decent portion of my video views come from g+, I post here publicly a bit before fb and I get hits right away. I also notice in my insight the amount from embedded sites, g+ included.
Have you added, tobylawrence he goes by this profile ;)
lol I've been posting things here and there publicly. I don't want to add more people to my circles but if people want to look at what I'm posting then that's awesome. Soooo yeah. Here and there I post publicly.
Maybe more if I get more people following me.
That's what this list is about and that's why you're on it so people can find and follow you. When I edit the list I'll get rid of the bold around your name +Jamie Rain now that you're posting publicly. Most of the time I post publicly but sometimes I address certain people specifically not publicly thats' what Google+ is all about ;)
lol this is off topic, but can someone tell me why people with 200+K views on their videos have an annotation saying "click my ads please" and they haven't been removed? That's bullshite!
'Cause you're not supposed to do that. And if I could do that without getting in trouble, I would. So it angers me. haha
By the way this list is not based on any statistics. If somebody asks to be on it and I think they have good content I'll add them ;)
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