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Professional Vegan Portrait Photographer
Professional Vegan Portrait Photographer

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I too was part of this cult and now I'm free...

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Curious about off grid living in Hawai'i as a Vegan?

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Interview With An Off Grid Vegan Permaculturalist

Merry Ellen Mellen


23; 8 Years Vegan; Hometown Pāhoa HI

I live the life I have always dreamed of. Dancing through the fruit forests of Hawaii. I live off-grid on a raw food permaculture farm. I am a budding advocate for the Hawai’is food security and inspired to cultivate sustainable communities. Life just seems to be getting better and better as I thrive with vitality and excitement in this fairy tale life I have created.

What made you go vegan and why?

As a pimply self conscious 15 year old, I was a competitive volleyball athlete. I was seeking a cure to my embarrassing acne when I came across the idea of a plant based lifestyle through YouTube. Leading me to a grueling 10 minutes of Earthlings I was then dedicated to go vegan. Within months my vitality exploded through the roof from eating a cleaner diet then within the first year I had jumped off the deep end into the world of raw foods. My appetite for health had grown as I notice my skin clear up completely and a leap in my athletic performance. Since then I have continued down my enthusiastic journey of holistic raw food living.

Moving forward what are your entrepreneurial endeavors in inspiring others?

I fell in love with a farmer when I was 16 which had opened my eyes to the connections between the things I put in my body and where they came from. The seed of endless inspiration had been planted, since I’ve felt called to encourage people to become more connected with their food. Through choosing a plant based lifestyle, I began to understand the power of choice and realized I had the option to create the reality that I wanted for myself. It had always been a dream of mine to live off the land in a magical fruit forest. I held that dream close to my heart until I had realized that the dream had become a reality here in Hawai’i. With a degree in environmental science and a passion for farming I am inspired by cultivating sustainable food communities. I am a trailblazer in the vegan sustainable food movement, providing educational opportunities through our non-profit Barefoot Gardeners in permaculture and sustainable off grid living. We invite visitors and interns to learn about gardening, raw food lifestyles and to experience the magic of Hawaii’s jungle.

What are you passionate about besides veganism?

I am most passionate about having the most fulfilling life through creating anything my imagination conspires. Wether it be building a bookshelf or designing a garden, “throwing” teapots or sewing a dress, I get juiced on creation. The act of visualizing the blueprints of a project and then bringing it into manifestation nourishes me with the most energy in life. High on the sense of accomplishment and the knowing of my capabilities I am vital with empowerment and passion.

You can follow Merry Ellen Mellen on instaram with this link:

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I've found so much beauty in Sonoma County it sometimes brings tears to my eyes, I'm so glad I moved back.
You haven't heard the capabilities of the acoustic guitar until you've heard Seabass and similar artist perform. ENJOY!

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This is a promo shot I did for Abatis right before they played their set at Aubergine after Dark in Sebastopol. It really pays off to always have your camera gear with you. The funny thing about this photo is that I posed the band members under the dartboards because I liked the barn wood booth that was build up to separate the dart players from the lounge and billiard area. I've built a barn wood island in a kitchen before and It turned out awesome so did the photo if you ask me.

If you like bands like Soundgarden and Queens of the Stone Age you'll love Abatis. Check them out on:

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This is one of my favorite photos that I'm going to print for my portfolio from the band Abatis.

I now use three speed lights at local alternative concerts. They don't mind me using them either. I color the speed lights depending on the bands style or mood of their music. The master flash is on camera and in this photo only the flash from the left hand side fired (orange). the one on the right was blue but it didn't receive the infrared signal from the master flash. I love how the photo turned out anyway. It really represents the powerfull performance Abatis puts on.

Here a snippet of their bio:

"Abatis (Abba-TEA) is a fuzz-rock power trio from San Francisco Ca.

For those of you who do not know what an abatis is, welcome, and prepare to be enlightened. An abatis is an ancient war mechanism. It is a defensive wall fashioned with fallen, sharpened trees..."

They have a 4 song EP on their Facebook page as a free download and I really love it. Check them out!

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Can you help me?

I can't quite put my finger on which song this song from Abatis reminds me of... The lyrics start at 1:45 so be patient. ;)

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The upper floors of the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco

I've been to the _Regency Ballroom_ for many concerts but I've never been upstairs. In this clip you'll see what it's like thanks to Survival Guide one of my favorite local bands to see hear and shoot live. I'll share some of my live photos from their gigs I've shot.

I love supporting local bands. This video has 550 views as of now according to the videos statistics and it hasn't been shared on Google+ so help me share it!
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