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Special Lotus Event
Lotus Live Shoot with Tim Wallace
Wednesday 18th April,10am - 4.30pm.
Location: Lotus Headquarters UK

The Live shoot event includes lunch and a factory tour as well as the opportunity to shoot with Hasselblad Equipment provided.

Limited places on this one so secure your place.
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Confessions of a Photographer with Tim Wallace - Charity Event
Date: Friday - 18th December 2015 from 16:00 to 18:30 (GMT)

Join me please for a very deserving cause this Christmas and lets all do something very special, raise a smile smile emoticon
I will be on stage in North Wales on Friday December 18th giving a one off special talk in support of the Homeless. This is a cause that extremely dear to my heart because at 15 yrs old I was homeless myself.

The cost of a ticket for this is £0 - yes that is right, nothing !

What I ask is that to get a ticket you simply along a box of food that is suitable for providing to the Homeless. We have connections too an organisation there that can make sure the people who need it, to bring a much needed smile to their faces exactly a week before Christmas day where some people have little to look forward to, this year we want your help to change that please ! 
Myself, the amazing guys at Fujiholics & Cambrian Photography have all teamed up to host this very unique event to do something special.

What can you expect on the Evening?
This talk will be full of good advice on photography, funny stories about what goes on behind the scenes on shoots.
I will be talking about my own journey through life, the good the bad and the strange along the way, there will be laughter and probably a few tears.

I will be auctioning off a very special framed exclusive print of a Aston Martin DBR2 signed by myself that has been kindly donated by One Vision Imaging Ltd as well as other great items that even include a Fuji digital camera and lens. All money raised across the whole event all 100% goes to this cause, I am dedicating my time to this totally as is everybody involved including the event location.
Can I help 'raise a smile' if I can not attend the event?
Absolutely ! 

1/ You can help by making a small donation using a PayPal button on the event page in this link.
2/ SHARE this post as much as you can everywhere! Tell your friends at work and give anything at all because all the little things can quickly add up to the biggest smile imaginable


To my friends in Europe, America and all over the world, please share this and be part of this for no other reason than 'you can', and it would mean the world to somebody at this time of year where we can all give a little no matter how small.
Thank you very much 
Your amazing
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The New 'Fractal'
Launch today of the new photography work for Peugeot Worldwide
Client: Peugeot 
Location: Peugeot Design Centre, Paris 
Photography: Tim Wallace 
Production: CREAM Paris 
Art Direction: William Blanc
Producer: Sophie Roger
1st Assistant: Peter Keyser
2nd Assistant: Hugo Mapelli
Digital Assistant: Pascal Aubert 
Camera: Hasselblad H5 cmos
Lighting: Arri
Really pleased with what we created on this project and it was very much a team effort with amazing support from Cream and a great team of people.
These are a few of the many images that we shot and I will post more in the following days. The Fractal is receiving great reviews today as the worlds media get their first sight of the car.
8 Photos - View album
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This week we would like to welcome Dennis Eagle Ltd as a new client to AmbientLife. 
Dennis Eagle approached AmbientLife a few months ago as they were looking to push forward and improve their web presence as well as cover the launch of two brand new prototype vehicles that will soon go into production. 
Earlier this week commercial photographer Tim Wallace worked on location in Devon using the dramatic Dartmoor landscape as a backdrop shooting the two new vehicles and also producing work for web, marketing and brochure use for the company. We look forward to further projects with Dennis Eagle that are already being planned to move into the production element of the business and other areas to bring these up to the required standard also in coming months. 
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New 'Pro Book' launched for Q2

The 'Pro Book' represents a online copy of our automotive car photography work presented on screen as a portfolio but more in the traditional sense, a soft copy you could say of the actual Pro Book that we may use in client meetings or with agents. The book is updated four times each year and we are very pleased to announce the launch of the Q2 2013 version of the book is now live.

Tim's Pro Book for his automotive car photography receives a vast amount of interest from clients and agencies alike and we hope that this new release of Tim's Portfolio inspires and demonstrates his create style and approach as well as showcasing some of his recent work both in the UK and Internationally.
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Le Mans '1 VEV' Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Shoot

Aston Martin DB4GT/0182/R '1VEV' is amongst one of the most famous Aston Martin Racing cars to date and sits beside '2VEV' in the corridors of racing history within Aston Martin. This week commercial car photographer Tim Wallace spent some time with this legend shooting work that is to be combined with his earlier work on its sister car '2VEV' for the 100 Year Centenary Aston Book project that is almost now completed and soon will go to print. In 1990 1VEV sold at auction for £1.54 million GBP with its original engine but today that cars true value runs into many millions if it was ever to enter the auction arena again. 
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'Light It' is the first digital photography lighting magazine made exclusively for the Apple iPad® from the KelbyTraining group based in the US and this months edition has just been released and is available through the Apple iTunes store, featuring a in-depth video interview with UK based commercial car photographer Tim Wallace of AmbientLife as well as a feature on his work within the car industry today. 
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Client : Aston Martin 
Project : One77
Location : Gaydon England
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Seemless Personal Interview with Tim Wallace 
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Videos and interviews with Photographer Tim Wallace about his work and his approach to lighting 
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