Deleted both my AR.Drone videos from Youtube. It is near impossible to put music on a videoclip. Even if it is my own music, immediately whatever 3rd party claims pop up. This is ridiculous. I have been a DJ for years, mixing music and sharing mixes. In this totally controlled world that Google made of the internet together with an "Intellectual Property" system gone mad, it is IMPOSSIBLE to do what defines society - SHARE.

I will think about the consequences for me. I never imagined how BAD this whole thing is. I refuse to support this madness. I WANT to share. I PAID for the music rights. Why does Google think I need to prove AGAIN and AGAIN that I am NOT doing anything wrong?

I will set up my own little server as a hidden service in the TOR network. I will move my blog there too. Industry driven and NSA guarded Internet - I despise what you made of free speech and sharing.

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