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Liz Dorland
Chimera Cosmos in Virtual Worlds - @ldinstl_chimera on Twitter - Google either of us.
Chimera Cosmos in Virtual Worlds - @ldinstl_chimera on Twitter - Google either of us.

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Do I need to do something to accept the invitation AJ, or am I automatically in? ;-)

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Nicholas Negroponte 1.0 vs 2.0 @wireduk >>  Old predictive, new trumps MOOC?  @CathyNDavidson also (rightly) pokes @forbes$$ obsession...

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Fleep is a hero of mine (and Chimera's) for sure. :-)


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Found an unshared upload of snaps from the June 2012 NMC Summer Conference keynote sessions. Speaker slide I wanted to remember + stage shots + Joi Ito's back. ;-)
NMC 2012 Conference Photos
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Two of my favorite creatives.

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Project Manager/Developer Robin Heyden did a fabulous write-up. Loved working on this with Spiral, Jenn, Ariella and the rest of the team. Chimera built the ramps and set up the champagne and cheese stop with waterfall view. ;-)

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Do NOT buy into the propaganda from studentsfirst. Annoying postcard today doesn't even mention it's a Michelle Ree front. Grrrr.

Listen to this instead. Entertaining, shocking, enlightening.

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"Republicans today believe that hurricanes are caused by gay marriage."

Random line that struck me as funny. Maybe the new show will too. ;-)

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