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Jennifer Carole Lewis
An out of the box thinker and imaginer with a love for stories in all forms
An out of the box thinker and imaginer with a love for stories in all forms

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Contest Blues
This week, RWA announced the Rita and Golden Heart finalists for 2017.  My Twitter and Facebook feeds were buzzing as the judges called the finalists to let them know and the lucky excitedly shared the news. Last year, I was waiting to discover whether or n...

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Weekly Update: March 12 to 18
Weekly word count: 2200 Not great but I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  Hopefully I can do better this week now that we're closer to being back in a regular routine. I've been busy trying to get everything ready for Ad Astra and Limestone Genre Exp...

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Writing When It Doesn't Make Sense
It's been a difficult month for me and it's not likely to ease up for the foreseeable future.  Which has definitely impacted my writing. Generally, I'm of the "allow yourself the luxury of a day off during a bad day" mindset.  Partly that's because I have a...

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Weekly Update: March 5th to 11th
Weekly word count: 3050 words As part of my draw this week, I asked my readers to share something they'd learned.  This week I have learned that I was crazy when I thought I could combine a family road trip with writing. Writing while sitting in the car for...

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Heroine Fix: Melinda May of Agents of SHIELD
First things first, I love a good clandestine government agency.   X-files , Fringe , Men In Black   and now, Agents of SHIELD .   It satisfies my inner conspiracy theorist. But even more than secret agencies, I enjoy a strong, super-skilled laconic hero.  ...

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Release Day: Inquisition
It's official!   Inquisition  is now available in print and ebook on  (It will take another few weeks for the print book to be available in Canada but the ebook is available.) Police detective Joe Cabrera used to have a pretty good
life.  Promis...

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Weekly Update: February 26 to March 4
Weekly word count: 4550 It's been a difficult week and I am not ashamed to say that life kicked my butt over the last seven days.  But I still managed to get my writing totals done.   Unfortunately, I'm still looking at a 3 page to-do list that needs to hap...

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Deal-Breakers and Wincers
How much of a book does a reader need to agree with in order to enjoy it? It's a question that may not have occurred to you.  Certainly most people assume that if someone enjoys a book, they must have enjoyed all the parts in it.  But it's not necessarily t...

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Weekly Update: February 19 to 25
Weekly word count: 4400 I've got around 21 000 words done on Judgment , book 4 of the lalassu.   I'll probably have to rewrite most of them but that's par for the course at this stage.  But the plot is coming together nicely and I've got some really interes...

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Ink Tip: Writing What You Don't Know
This may come as a surprise to some people, but I have never shape-shifted into a bear. Writing is full of sharing experiences that don't come from an author's personal history.  Some of them are impossible to experience, like time travel, shape-shifting, m...
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