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Jennifer Carole Lewis
An out of the box thinker and imaginer with a love for stories in all forms
An out of the box thinker and imaginer with a love for stories in all forms

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Weekly Update: May 21 to 27
Weekly word count: 3100 My medical leave is officially over and I'm now back to working two jobs, plus dealing with various major and minor domestic crises.  I have a lingering North-American-work-ethic guilt that I should have spent my "time off" being mor...

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Ink Tip: How To Sell At Conferences
Getting readers to discover you as an author is one of the hardest parts of launching a writing career.  Indie, small press or traditionally published, no matter what your career path, no writer can afford to ignore promotion opportunities. I've found confe...

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Weekly Update: May 14 to 20
Weekly word count: 2200 I've gotten the okay from my doctor, so next week I'll be heading back to my day job.  It's been nice having the time to de-stress (particularly since we got hit with a couple of school related crises for my son) but it will also be ...

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Taking Advice... Or Not
Everyone's got tons of opinions and they're almost all happy to share them with other people.  Some people are even official opinion-givers, appearing on television and writing books to help out those of us who haven't reached their special combination of i...

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Weekly Update: May 7 to 13 (With Photos from Ottawa Comic Con)
Weekly word count: 3600 Another quiet week, moving more towards a productive time.  I spent the first part of the week dealing with the aftermath of Ad Astra (counting inventory, ordering more swag, doing my giveaway draw, etc.).  It's always a bit of a bit...

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Heroine Fix: Lisbeth Salander
Heroine Fix is a monthly feature looking at the characters who I admire and who influence my own writing. (Warning: this contains spoilers.) The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo   series became a worldwide phenomenon, in part because of its unique heroine, Lisbe...

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Weekly Update: April 30th from May 7th (With Photos from Ad Astra)
Weekly word count: 2950 It was a fairly quiet week.  I took the time to rest but still got some writing done.  But the big focus was preparing for Ad Astra in Toronto.  It was my first time at that convention and my first time doing a non-hometown conventio...

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5 Less-Helpful Things I Learned From Superhero Stories
I love superhero stories in movies, TV, books, comics... wherever.  And I think they have good messages like: standing up for what's right, protecting others, and holding to a moral code.  But there are some other inadvertent messages that creep in.  Like.....

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Ink Tip: How To Say Goodbye
Every writer has that sentence, scene or character that they absolutely love.  They know in their hearts that it's brilliant, entertaining and wonderful. And sometimes, it doesn't work. So what's a writer to do with their wonderful square peg and nothing bu...

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Weekly Update: April 16 to 22
Weekly word count: 2150 It's a slow start but an improvement nonetheless.  I realized I hadn't ordered some of the swag that I needed for Ad Astra so I put in a rush order for more bags and buttons.  Unfortunately, 4imprint didn't have the royal blue bags t...
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