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Jessica Coleman
Prolific reader, new mother, baker, amateur chef, girlfriend, daughter, sister and Aunt.
Prolific reader, new mother, baker, amateur chef, girlfriend, daughter, sister and Aunt.

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Keyboard Warriors
Last week I was privy to another Jess go through some major bullshit online after a media outlet picked up a story about her very young son getting hurt at the playground. For those who didn't see this on various 'news' pages and the like, you can read one ...

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Working Mum
It's amazing how you just fall back into the swing of things. Work, kids, housework... I'll give you one guess which of those three is lagging behind?  It's not work or kids. I'm actually feeling pretty proud of myself.  I haven't been late to work once, I'...

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First Day Back
This morning I returned to work. I spent the better part of my weekend baking, cooking, cleaning, washing, folding, ironing labels, pumping milk and getting organised. I even pre-packed the slow cooker and put it in the fridge so all I had to do was put it ...

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Remember when you were a kid and you felt sick and your Mum would say have a glass of water and eat a banana? I don't have to do that in this house because you know what guys?  I spent 20 fucking dollars on bananas in the last 10 days.  TWENTY DOLLARS!!  ON...

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Another Year
Happy New Year to one and all!  Another year is over, where did the time go?  I was going to post about how shit it's been, but ya'll have read my blog, so you know that the shift from one to two children has not been easy for me. Well that's not entirely t...

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Kids say the darnedest things right? I've been feeling a bit woeful about my fat arse of late.  Well fat everything of late.  I still look like I'm about to give birth and I actually gave birth 7.5 months ago. Sure the hernia isn't helping but neither is th...

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My daughter turned 7 months old yesterday.  7 months!!  And it's been a rough day.  I was up at 11 last night, then from 3 till 5 something with a crying, teething crankster.  I don't know if its due to the lack of sleep but I've been wondering, is it possi...

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My children are literally driving me insane. Today I got so angry I envisioned ripping the four year old's leg off as he ran away from me. That might sound totally over the top and pretty crazy but I tell you, the Mum rage is real.  I know it is because I f...

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Today the Mushroom told his Grandmother to 'shut her water hole'. When she asked him what that meant he said, STOP TALKING. Seriously.  That actually happened. I got a text message with the above and nearly spat out my drink. I felt like I had to defend mys...

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Remember that saying?  If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all?  I'm not that great at it.  In fact I'm pretty terrible and can be a total nasty pastie when I want to be. But that's not my point.  My point is that I've not been feelin...
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