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Feature request: A slightly different "end game" button from what's suggested here:

I think is particularly important in the 64 player matches.

Towards the end of game there is a point where there isn't much doubt about what the final rankings will be, at least first second and third. Now, if people want to fight on, that's fine, but if not it's clumsy to ask everyone to concede defeat in reverse ranking order, or even try to do it at the same time. There is a big trust issue as well, which doesn't seem as fun as the trust issue in forming alliances.

So here is the suggestion: An "OK to end game" toggle. If at any time players controlling a total of 80% of the stars have this set to "OK to end the game", the game ends just as if one person had grabbed 50% of the stars.

I'm not sure 80% is the right balance, but the idea is to make it enough that no one who is viable to place and wants to fight on can be overruled, and yet a hold-out fighting for 10th place can't keep the game going.

suggestion: 'destroy gate' carrier order.

Recently in a game I took an opponent's star which had a warp gate, but they were able to take it back. I had more reinforcements on the way and they didn't, so my opponent destroyed the gate -- but several hours after taking the star back. Why? Sleep.

 I don't think this sort of disadvantage is fun or balanced -- I suggest that being able to see what's going on and respond is enough advantage to folks who log in frequently. So in general I suggest it's a desirable goal to move to the point where all actions can be scheduled -- so that a player who logs in only once every 24 hours and gives orders for the whole day will only have the disadvantage of relying on old information -- that's a plenty big disadvantage.

This is a specific case where we could move towards that goal easily -- a carrier with a 'destroy gate' order would trigger the gate destruction if it survived combat.

feature request: A new carrier order, "pick up at least n"

The carrier would sit at the star picking up all ships until it had picked up n or more, then would continue on to the next order. This would be very helpful for loops feeding loops.

If this were done, it would be important that the first carrier to start doing this got all the ships on the following ticks if more than one carrier had this order, otherwise it could take a long time for them both to meet their quota.

Feature Request:

A ships column on the 'stars'  tab in the galaxy view. Ideally would count ships on carriers as well.

Basically, I can't keep track of my ships.

Is it possible to change the external account used for authentication once an account has been created?
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