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#yourdailyhoroscope There are only two infinite things. One is love, the other is the universe, and we aren't quite sure of the second one.

Next time you see somebody who thinks they are the centre of the universe, remember, they are right.

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Cognitive dissonance needs fixing. If you are staring at overwhelming facts, it is actually easier to change your mind than change the facts

Without the application of energy, momentum holds sway. If you want to see change, do something.

Whenever you are confronted by anyone bigger than you, remember the humble yeast has never lost a bar room brawl. Ever.

#yourdailyhororscope No matter how entropic the universe gets, patterns still emerge. Read the patterns and WIN!

If you believe a thing is good, you will find the good in it. The same applies for evil.

When the going gets tough for the tough, who supports the tough? 

Revel in the joy of completeness. Finish it and smile
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