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Hacker, entrepreneur, cheese eater.
Hacker, entrepreneur, cheese eater.

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Angular Material 2 is coming soon and Hans Larsen of the core team will talk about building high quality apps that work seamlessly across all of your devices with it.

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We’re thrilled to announce that our schedule is now available online.

We’re super excited to have talks that will touch many topics of interest from mobile to testing, minification, RxJS, performance, ionic 2, Angular Material, security, typescript, Angular Universal, router, animations and more! And also great speakers from the father of Angular Misko Hevery, the co-creator of Ionic Adam Bradley, Tero Parviainen,@Daniel Rosenwasser,@Matias Niemelä, Douglas Duteil,@Martin Probst,@Jen Bourey,@Pawel Kozlowski,@Ari Lerner, Wassim Chegham, André Staltz,@Christian Weyer, Thorsten Hans, Nir Kaufman, Alex Eagle,@Hans Larsen, Vanessa Yuen,@Vikram Subramanian, Matthew Podwysocki, Yun Bei and more!

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to grab your Round 2 ticket to the conference as there are not that many left!

Cheers and see you soon in Paris!

-@ngEurope team

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Paris Attackers Used Unencrypted Phones, SMS

In the wake of the Paris tragedy, unscrupulous lawmakers and media reporters have suggested encryption was to blame, is therefore evil, and must be stopped.

As it turns out, though, these 'Masterminds' weren't encrypting their conversations at all, using unencrypted cellphones and plain old SMS text messaging.

Imagine that: real life villains are often dumb and not Agents of Spectre on the cutting edge of tech.

While I'm not one to say this often, I strongly encourage everyone to spread this story, because the liberty destroying counter narrative is certainly already being spread.

Don't let fear make us less safe by forcing us all to electronically leave a key under the mat for the cops, which other bad guys will surely find, too.

#Encryption #Paris #Security

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Great initiative.
"Our doors are open and will remain so until every addict who seeks help with their disease has treatment. You will always have a place to go as long as this police department stands."

That's the Police Chief of Gloucester, MA talking about their new drug program. They're calling it the Gloucester Initiative.

Here’s how Chief Len Campanello says it works:
"Gloucester will NOT charge any addict who comes to us for help.
We will fast track them in treatment and support their family. You will receive no judgment; just professionalism, respect and compassion."

The chief says "Addiction is a disease not a crime. We can’t arrest our way out of the epidemic.

The Gloucester Initiative has been in operation now for about a month.

And the Chief just posted this update on Facebook: "We have, as of midnight last night, taken in 55 persons with addiction.
All placed, all in treatment. We received great news today from our first intake...he is over 30 days clean and sober. We continue to encourage persons with addiction to come in and get help."

"The are no catches."

"We feel this program is the first day of the last recovery process a person with addiction will go through. We say this because we tell each of our program intakes that whatever they do after they walk into the police station, we will be there. Whether they are able to succeed or whether they relapse, we will be there. We will help again and again and again until they no longer want help."

"We know there will be setbacks for people."
"We don't care."
"Come back."
"You're still in recovery."

"We know some people will relapse."
"We will not judge you."
"Come back."
"You are still in recovery."

"Just as a cancer can go into remission only to appear later, we know addiction is hard to beat. 60 police officers, 40 Angels, and an entire community will have your back."

"You must do your part, but we will refuse to abandon you, forget you, or ignore you."

"You will receive the respect and dignity you deserve here, without judgment, without coercion, without charges."

"Your life has meaning."

"We are partnering with almost 30 treatment facilities who feel the same way."

"Not one person who has walked through our doors has been turned away."

Chief Len Campanello

To find out more about the program here’s a link:

“A reporter asked one of my officers last night:
‘Do you see a common thread in all addicts?’

Without hesitation, the officer responded:
‘Absolutely..they're all human beings.’


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Brief non-technical introduction to adaptive streaming and Shaka Player.

Shaka is an easy-to-use JavaScript DASH client — for more information see

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Earlier this month, +Linus Torvalds said that it was exactly ten years ago that day July 8th that he asked me if I want to take +Git  maintainership over.

It turns out that this weekend is 10 year anniversary of my answering "Yes" to that question was heard by him, on July 25th.

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As you probably know, we’ve been interviewing all our speakers here on this blog before the conference so that attendees could get to know them a little better before meeting them, if you haven’t read them yet, make sure to do so here

During the conf, we thought it would be great to interview speakers on video so they could talk about their talk (how meta, right :)) and stuff they care about. We were glad that our diamond sponsor and​ ceo Nick Van Weerdenburg accepted to do the interviews, it was a difficult task as we had to chase speakers during the conf to bring them on camera but it went great and Nick did a great a job in these impromptu interviews. We were able to interview most of them and a few additional guest stars. is also doing a free React.js webinar, make sure to sign up here

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