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Coke Talk
Staggering through life with an eager nose and a sharp tongue.
Staggering through life with an eager nose and a sharp tongue.

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It really feels good not having to give a fuck about all this Facebook timeline bullshit.

Is Google+ cooler than Facebook yet?

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Hey, bitches!

I wanna announce, my new fancy fuck website where all my blogs and projects are in one easy-to-find place.

The paint’s not dry yet, but I figured I’d go ahead and show it off.

Bookmark my shit!

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Could we remake this video with Muppets instead? LEGO men have a certain charm, but I really want to see Kermit singing LCD Soundsystem.

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Dear Google+,

Coke Talk is my real name. Legally. It's on my Hong Kong drivers license as the Americanized spelling of 谷德 which is pronounced "Kuk Tak."

I'd be happy to prove to you that my name is Chinese, but the other day, my wallet was stolen on my way to volunteer at the homeless shelter for sick puppies, so if you disable my account, that means you are all a bunch of heartless racists.

Please just leave me alone and go about your business plotting world domination.

Seriously, don't be Name Nazis. Don't be Facebook. Don't be evil.

Thank you for being cool.


Coke Talk

This whole Super Congress proposal is a bit too Roman Empire for my taste.

Julius Caesar had a Super Congress. It consisted of three dudes, and it was called the Triumvirate. John "Orange Julius" Boehner wants twelve dudes on his, but we can all see where this is going.

We might as well start referring to the Super Congress as the Duodecumvirate.

There is an incredibly hot man in my kitchen making a Bolognese sauce from scratch. He brought good wine, and he doesn't mind that I'm just sitting here fucking around on my computer.

Also, he has no idea how amazing his blow job is going to be later.

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Just getting the hang of this Google+ shit.
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