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Michele James-Parham

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For those of you that didn't know, I was pregnant and had a baby! Lots of posts on my blog about it and here's the latest one.
The Parham Family would like to introduce you to our newest family member... Ellison Hazelwood Renee Parham Born at 7:06am on Friday, January 8th, 2016; the day after his “due date”. Weight: 10 pounds 3 ounces Length: 22.5 inches Head Circumference: 15 inches This... #babyhazel #birth #birthstory
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Happy birthday
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Michele James-Parham

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Log of Books & Materials Used 2014-2015 & Attendance Statement
Books Monster Spotter's Guide to North America National Geographic KIDS Almanac 2015 Dictionary Thesaurus Pocket Guides to Wildflowers, Wild Edibles, and Mushrooms Magazines Game Informer NatGeo Kids Lego Club Ranger Rick Ask! Muse Web Comics Garfield Minus...
This blog currently serves as a journal of what one particular community member, Uriel Fury, has been doing. The journal is updated infrequently. This journal is for friends, family, community members to know what we've been up to at a glance. It might also help us when it comes time for ...
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Michele James-Parham

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Happy International Day of the Midwife!
KYLM is a consumer education outreach program meant to help families identify reputable midwives in their community. #interview #knowyourlocalmidwife #kylm
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Michele James-Parham

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Happy New Year! #365gratitude 
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+Frank Maier Same here! It's drinkable and I can still buy groceries! :-) Happy New Year!
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Michele James-Parham

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Family. #365gratitude

More of these stellar family photos can be found here:
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Michele James-Parham

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Little notebooks for my little notes. #365gratitude 
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Michele James-Parham

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Michele James-Parham

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Portfolio Summary 2014-2015
Elijah and I taking a selfie on this 11th birthday One of the many outtakes from taking family pictures for Solstice gifts; E helped set up the lighting, camera, and helped take pictures of his father and mother. E's always a cam-ham! Language Arts Elijah r...
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Michele James-Parham

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fantastic article!
Through the lens of the holobiont, genetic information passed from mother to baby and the bacteria themselves carry out many epigenetic processes.
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Michele James-Parham

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Tea ready to sell. #365gratitude 
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Michele James-Parham

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Hot food. #365gratitude 
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Anarchist. Queer. Radical Unschooler. Tea enthusiast.
Married. Queer. Radical Unschooling Mum. Domestic Goddess. Traditional Midwife. Anarchist (and not one of those selfish Ayn Rand-ian ones either). Synesthete. Kitchen & Water Witch. Rootworker. D.I.Y. Mathematician. Librarian. Tea Enthusiast. Aspiring Accordionist. Jsem Romský aktivista! Jsem porodní asistentka.  I re/post things that catch my eye and I post the randomness in my head honestly with little censoring or borders and it's rarely linear. I'm rather manic in my consumption of media and that's reflected quite well in my public output. Most of my output is completely public.  Topics from me that might end up in your stream could be and are not limited to the following: unschooling, comics/graphic novels, education, what I'm doing, midwifery, homebirth, geekiness, technobabble, synesthesia, anarchism, lots of Rumi, where I'm at, parenting, vegetarianism/veganism, urban homesteading, intentional communities, nerdtasticness, Pittsburgh, LGBTQ issues, library science, media consumption, mathematics, Buddhist thought, quotations (famous or otherwise), what I'm cooking/eating, how-to videos/articles, the plight of the Roma (Gypsy) people, what I'm reading, ridiculous videos my son makes me watch and links to music projects from +thee midnight refuge
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I can drink grown men under the table. I have an amazingly patient and loving Dear Other Half. I can bake muffins. I am still alive. I might have done some hacking at some point ;)
  • Putnam City West High School
    Honours, 1996 - 2000
  • Oklahoma State University -- Oklahoma City
    Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselling, 1996 - 1998
  • Oklahoma State University -- Oklahoma City
    Crime Victim/Survivor Services, 1998 - 2000
  • Oklahoma State University -- Oklahoma City
    Psychological Anthropology, 1996 - 2000
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  • Natural Attachment Midwifery and Healthcare
    Holistic Healthcare Provider, 1998 - present
    Traditional Midwife, Community Herbalist, Holistic & Spiritual Health Consultant, and Rootworker providing comprehensive alternative holistic and spiritual healthcare to families and individuals living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Thee Midnight Refuge
    Copy Editor, Publicity, Manager & Collaborating Artist, 2001 - present
    Copy editing, management, sales for media production company
  • Occupy Pittsburgh
    Street Medic, 2011 - 2012
    Volunteer street medic & resident midwife of Occupy Pittsburgh
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No Is As Much Of A Loving Answer As Yes Is

No Means No In parenting forums, recently, I’ve noticed that "no means no" seems like such a tricky, confounding, almost impossible thing fo

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The other day, my son showed me a walnut fruit he'd found on the ground at a park we go to. At first, I didn't recognize what it was. When I


Last night I had the strangest dream. I was talking on the phone with my brother Josh, a person I've never gotten along with, whom I haven't

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The last few months I went through another terrible bout of writer's block. I had a very small piece published in The Sun literary magazine

on grief~

I volunteer at a Free Clinic and the people I saw today in particular were so vulnerable. More vulnerable than usual, it seemed. We have a f

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I want to talk about the important herbs that help Traditional Midwives, like myself, prevent and stop postpartum hemorrhaging (PPH). Not al

Natural Attachment Midwifery and Healthcare: Herbs for Breastfeeding

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For this post, I will be focusing on herbs used for fertility, menstruation, and family planning. Next to wanting to know what herbs to use

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I am back again with more herbal information and this time it is all about herbs that support labouring clients. I figured it was time to wr

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I'm back today with more herbal information during the childbearing year. After yesterday's post on herbal pregnancy infusions, I was asked

Natural Attachment Midwifery and Healthcare: Herbal Pregnancy Infusions

One of the most common questions I get as a traditional community midwife and community herbalist is: "what herbal teas should I be drinking

MUSE // Alicia Bay Laurel

We are so honored to feature visionary artist, author, and musician, Alicia Bay Laurel, as the second in our MUSE series. In each MUSE inter

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And now we present the complete Star Trek Canon in chronological order! ENJOY!!! Printable checklist also available for download. Number / S

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One of the best things about my childhood was that my mother was a functional alcoholic. I realise what an unusual statement this is, and I

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Unschoolers can really be a confusing bunch to those looking in! On one hand, we appear to be sheltering our children from the real world by

How the Invention of the Alphabet Usurped Female Power in Society and Sp...

A brief history of gender dynamics from page to screen. The Rosetta Stone may be one of the 100 diagrams that changed the world and langu

the question~

I've worked with and lived around a lot of really broken people. Myself included. But one of the oddest, most awkward questions I get and st

How to Make Green Juice (without a Juicer) In 15 Minutes

I love fresh green juice. It is full of super-vitamins, makes me feel amazing when I drink it and is a great way to stay hydrated. I have no

coffee and tea---and cream

Oh, whoa is me. I kept trying to drink coffee and tea---with cream. So bad. My poor tummy definitely paid for it. So I just drank tea. Becau

Food seems a bit high in price, even for a hotel.
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