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Reda Singletary

Getting excited about school opening. We have new Promethean Boards and I think the students will enjoy making concept maps and snap thought reflections using this new device. I have to train them on it first, but then, the sky is the limit. :)

Praise God I finished. It's been a fantastic journey and through starting late because of workshops, conferences, and meetings, and even a 2.5 hour power outage today, I have completed all assignment and will be working on my presentation to share BrainPop in a new prospective with my campus.
Thanks for the support and I'll be spreading the word about this awesome resource to engage students in learning.

Is this where we post our grades for Quiz 1 and 2?

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HELP......I still can not get anything to work . I can login but nothing happens in Google and in Mozella Firefox, BrainPop regular only lets Make - a movie go to Educators with how to but never activating. I have a BrainPop Jr. account and Make - a-Movie is not there at all. HELP
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