I wanted a coffee grinder to go with my espresso machine and was told that I needed a burr grinder and not a blade grinder as this was better for the bean and gave a better flavour.

So having bought a De’Longhi espresso machine I thought I would pair it with a De’Longhi burr grinder.

This grinder has coffee beans capacity of up to 120 grams It comes with different grind selector buttons It also has a transparent bean container that comes with a top cover
It also has a transparent powder container that can be removed to access the grinds

Just like other products in the market, This Burr Grinder has its pros and cons too. However, for this case, the pros outnumber the cons by a wide margin.

this product is easy to use, neat and compact thus making it a must-have at home.

Some reviews say they were impressed with the fine grind options, I think on its finest setting it’s still a little course for espresso but if your using a pressured basket in your brew head this is less of an issue

Overall I think that this is a good entry level grinder which should not disappoint
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