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Bartosz Majsak
Java Developer by day, Open Source Junkie by night, Conference Speaker by passion, Geek by nature.
Java Developer by day, Open Source Junkie by night, Conference Speaker by passion, Geek by nature.


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If Michael Bay directed the World Cup...
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Bartosz Majsak commented on a post on Blogger.
I understand that the panel is basically enriching all your websites with its own JS/HTML magic. Would be way cooler to have it as a chrome extension (ideally as a part of dev tools). Not as a replacement, but as an alternative.
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Truly open source book :) #github   #asciidoc   #continuousintegration  
Continuous Enterprise Development in Java
Posted by +Aslak Knutsen

Look what the postman dragged in!

My first copy of "Continuous Enterprise Development in Java, Testable Solutions with Arquillian" by +Andrew Lee Rubinger and me published by +O'Reilly

From the book:


First and foremost we would like to give a huge thanks to the Arquillian community: wonderful, talented folks from around the world who have contributed their time and knowledge to help improve the project, from coding to writing to speaking to screaming on the Internet (yes, we pay attention to you).

A special thank you to all the Arquillian module leads: +Karel Piwko  , +Bartosz Majsak, +Lukáš Fryč +Dan Allen, +Štefan Miklošovič, +Jakub Narloch , Gerhard Poul, +John D. Ament+Jan Papoušek  +Bernard Łabno, Ståle Pedersen, +Ken Finnigan,  Tolis Emmanouilidis, +Ales Justin, Martin Genčur, +Vineet Reynolds, Davide D’Alto, +Jean Deruelle+David Blevins,  +Mark Struberg  +Thomas Diesler, Romain Manni-Bucau, +Logan McGrath and +Alexis Hassler.

A big shout out to +Sarah White  and +Cheyenne Weaver for giving us the visual identity and the storyline to play with. You make us look good!

And thanks to all the people who helped us throughout this book, correcting and commenting on the content.

Thanks to +Meghan Blanchette  for being so persistent on pushing us back to work. This probably (definitely) would never have reached revision if you hadn’t!

And last but not least, a big thanks to our friend in code +Adam Bien  for the foreword.

This book is for the community from which our work was born, raised, and continues to evolve.
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Take a minute to let JBoss know what Presentation Tier technologies you feel are important
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Few seconds of fame. #devoxx
Self-promo once in a while ain't that bad ;)
Devoxx 2013
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JBoss Community Recognition Award Nominees
Posted by +Aslak Knutsen 

It's time for the yearly JBoss Community Recognition Award again and we're happy to see people from the Arquillian Community represented in most categories!

This is our list of nominees:
Bug Fixes: +Alexis Hassler
Community Leadership: +Bartosz Majsak 
Documentation: +John D. Ament 
Issue/JIRA: +David Blevins 
New Features: +Jakub Narloch 

We also had +Sarah White down for Wiki for her great work on the Design side of the project, but due to the programs T&C she could sadly not be nominated this year. (She has certain family ties to another team member ;)

I don't want to try to make a summary of the nominations in this post, just so I don't minimize their effort. Please go to to read their full nomination and to see the other nominees. 

And now that you know who to vote for ;)
Don't forget to vote!

Let's see if we can top last year :)
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