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+Thanh Pham​ stop instigating! Cheater! No, you're not using an aiding tool, you're cheating. 

Would it be possible to add how much inventory we have? I am interested in Pokeballs and types and Berries.

By the way, superb work on this. 

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+Thanh Pham​ or there is a 3rd option. 

The best thing that could happen to the world is for Adobe Flash to disappear. 

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So, sister has this 2 Huskies. Link (white) and Zelda. 

Giving Steam for Linux a shot on Ubuntu Mate. 

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You know how hard it is to give remote support to a lady whose name is Love? God, that is hard and more when your wife is right in front of you.

Me: Do you need anything else, Love?
Love: no, that would be all, thank you.
Me: you're welcome Love.

You can imagine my wife's face. 

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More funny shit. Hahahah
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