Climbing (actually running) Table Mountain:

After much consideration about climbing, actually all I could think about was challenging myself and running up Table Mountain. I found myself at the foot of the sandstone range and this particular morning it only had a tiny table cloth of cloud. I was all ready to go when this mysterious guy started talking to me, he’d been up already and collected water which he said was the freshest you could get. Let’s call him the ‘spiritual guy’, so he told me that Table Mountain is where masculinity and femininity meet and to set an intention before I tackle the cliff face. I’d also heard it was the stairway to heaven, which didn’t impress me so much as I’m not quite ready to go to heaven yet!

Off I went with a good fast pace, I felt this immense energy despite the fact I had a chest infection and sounded like a heavy smoker. I walked the first half as it wasn’t that safe under foot. Then I had the urge, by this time my friends had told me to go ahead and leave them because I was annoying the pants of them with my speedy competitiveness. I broke into a run and had a very sad but great satisfaction overtaking a group of 6 guys, I really am sad!
There was definitely something very spiritual and empowering about this climb, although the last 20 minutes my legs and chest were burning. The only thing keeping me going was my pure stubbornness and the fact that there was a guy running behind me and there was NO way I was going to let him overtake me!
The view was breathtaking (3,563 ft) and you could see the doughnut of the newly-built Green Point Stadium. On a slight digression, I can’t wait for the World Cup!
I climbed back down which hurt loads actually, didn’t realise how steep it was until I was trying to run down a cliff face, not clever.

Annoyingly we took so many photos; we even had a photo of the ‘spiritual man’ playing a strange looking instrument. But my friend’s camera got stolen the next day so we lost all of them, apart from a few I took on my Blackberry…naughty stealing horrible nasty thieves! We want our photos!
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