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Meir Jacob
Change Management Facilitator, Leadership Development, Management Consultnce, Hobby Photographer :)
Change Management Facilitator, Leadership Development, Management Consultnce, Hobby Photographer :)


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Croatia Photo Cruising! No Photographer & real foodie can afford missing this #photography  workshop.
A 7 days cruising photography along the Adriatic shores of Croatia, visiting old jarbor towns, lush islands, family farms and vineyards for a celebration of beauty and tastes.
Explore and discover the mediterranean Landscapes, people and cultures at their best.
Early Bird Registration open NOW! You do not want to miss it :)
No. of participants limited to 10.
Date: May 17th 2014
#travelphotography   #travel   #foodiefriday   #foodie   #foodiechats  

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Discover one of the most interesting nations on the planet - The Land of Peaceful Dragon - Kingdom of Bhutan.
This Photography expedition was planned especially to also cover Bhutanese Autumn Festival.
A small group, limited to maximum 12  photographers, will allow us close encounters with Buddhist monks at their hundreds of years  monasteries and with the local people in their rural villages, some of them situated at altitude of above 3,000m.  This expedition includes sleeping at a farmhouse to get even closer to the local culture!
All of that in a breathtaking beautiful setting at the feet of the Himalaya... This is by all means a rare opportunity and a Photographer's must.
Number of participants is limited, and so is the 'window' for registration. Please check in and register to this trip now.

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Thank you for the invitation!
It is refreshing and inspiring to discover a community dedicated to adding quality value to #Travel .
As founder of Trips for Photographers, I am convinced I'll have a lot to learn from this community and I aspire to add my humble bit.
Our mission at Trips for Photographers is to create best opportunities for the avid photographer, to bring you and your camera to the right place at the right moment for that unique shot.
You are kindly invited to visit and make yourself familiar with our website. By all means do not skip 'Destinations' and 'Gallery' sections.

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Hello everybody :) I'm glad to join the HDR community!
As about this somehow enigmatic image - this is sustainable agriculture. Farmers are building nests for owls - grown and trained especially for the task of guarding fields from rodents. This way the crops are happy, the farmers are happy, the owls are happy - the rodents not quite... This is a 3 shots HDR processed with Photomatix Pro
#Photography   #hdr   #hdrphotography   #trips4photographers  

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Att. All #Photographers, specialized trips designed by Photographers - for Photographers, In this case, destination - #Istanbul  !
#Photography   #Travel   #travelphotography  

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Watch the birdie(s) :)
#friday   #birdloversworldwide   #birds   #birds4all   #Trips4Photographers  
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I'm proud to present the gateway to your next shoot adventure :)
Trips for photographers was conceived with people like you, the photographer  in mind. Please 'check in' make yourself at home by giving it a 'Like'. You will always find the next trips under EVENTS tab.
Welcome, and feel free to share :)

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The mystical Sema Ritual - Whirling Dervishes, one of the highlights of our Trip for #Photographers to #Istanbul. Please visit our page and LIKE to stay tuned :)

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what's your photo destination?
Trips For Photographers was born to offer you just that: Trips especially designed by photographers for #photographers  
Check in, give a like and stay tuned for our next destination :)
#travelphotography   #travel   #photography  

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