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If you like Paul Stewart as an NHL ref (and you should), checkout his blog

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Congratulations to Notre Dame for winning the last CCHA Mason Cup!  They defeated Michigan 3-1 for their third CCHA championship under coach Jeff Jackson. 

Frozen Four picks have been announced.  Notre Dame, Quinnipiac, Mass-Lowell, and Minnesota are the #1 seeds.  See link below for 2013 bracket.

Looking forward to the Notre Dame v. Miami (OH) in the Hockey City Classic this Sunday (2/17) in Soldier's Field on the balmy shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago. 

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Random classic clip of the day :) Please SHARE if it made you smile. Have a great rest of day.

"Spanish Radio" - Gabriel Iglesias- (From Hot & Fluffy comedy special)

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After their game on 1/8, the Notre Dame and Minnesota teams got together to package meals for kids in Coon Rapids, MN.  Love to see these programs remembering that off ice stuff is just as important.

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Gazing skyward

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#nhllockout Make sure you are registered at

#nhllockout Bettman tells Board of Governors that if there isn't any "traction" today, the talks could break down.  Does he really think sophomoric threats like that actually lend to the negotiating process.  With all due respect to my vertically challenged friends, this really seems awfully Napoleonic.

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The NHLPA says it offered three alternatives to which, after a "10 minute" review were all rejected by the NHL.  Hmmm, this seems like a grand negotiating technique with the revenue stream in mind (fans).

Stand up fans!  The only way to pay these people back is for us fans (or "chumps" as Bettman has alluded) is to lock our selves out of the arenas once they decide to quit jerkin' around and get back to playing. 

Don't spend a penny of your hard earned, yet meager in comparison, earnings on anything NHL for the first two weeks they come back.  If we fans/chumps don't send a message, they will continue to abuse us for years to come.  Get the word out!
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